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Work together for the future of Bonaire

Press Release BONHATA

“Right this moment, just before the adoption and implementation of the Strategic Tourism Master Plan for Bonaire, it is more important than ever for the private sector to join the Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association, BONHATA.” That is what Irene Dingjan (CEO of BONHATA) says, following the priorities as set by the BONHATA Board of Directors for this year.

“In the year 2017, the association has grown by 10%. This is a great result but looking at the challenges that the tourism industry currently faces and the opportunities that we have within our reach, doubling the number of members is a legitimate ambition.”

The tourism sector is under pressure; there is growth in registered rooms plus the growth in the “sharing economy”, the budget for promotion of the destination has decreased by about 30% and the growth in airlift is lagging.

Implementation of the Strategic Tourism Master Plan helps Bonaire to further develop the economy in a responsible manner in many areas. With an eye for balanced growth, attention for our nature, the connection of education to the labor market and realistic advice on funding the implementation of this plan in the benefit of the entrepreneurs and the people of Bonaire, we have the key to the necessary step forward.

Establishing and realizing the Strategic Tourism Master Plan and taking advantage of the opportunities outlined in this plan as a sector has the highest priority for BONHATA. The association invites companies and entrepreneurs to work together and to develop Bonaire in the direction of the first 'Blue Destination' in the world.

Visit /, contact one of the many members for more information or the head office via or 717 5134.

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