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About Us

Our Mission


Xp Bonaire, XpEdition Paradise Bonaire has been inspiring people to care about the island of Bonaire since 2006. Xp Bonaire is an independent, cultural, social, and informative medium aiming for an integrated approach to these different facets and to contribute in a responsible manner to the culture, people, nature, tourism and local charities.


Our interests include the promotion of environmental, historical and cultural conservation and development.


Our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower our audience by delivering editorial content, using multi-media tools, in a highly informative, entertaining, and visually compelling format.



The world online  is our website, attracting visitors  with its  timely, and original content.


Xp Bonaire captivates a passionate audience of digital consumers with news, photography, and video. Interactive and online-only features are presented throughout core content: News, Culture, Tourism, Social involvments, the Magazine, Adventure,  Science, Kids, Health and Animals.

Bonaire, Caribbean, XpBonaire, About Us, Bonaire News and Information

Our Team


We are very proud and honored to have a  team of energetic, friendly and intelligent people who dedicate their time and efforts to Xp Bonaire to make it the most interesting media it can be.

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Bonaire, Caribbean, XpBonaire, About Us, Bonaire News and Information
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