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Artisan Bakery Bonaire: Where Passion Meets Flour

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Nestled on Kaya Grandi in Kralendijk, Artisan Bakery Bonaire isn't just about dough rising and ovens baking. It's a reflection of Payam's journey, a man whose love for baking transcends many countries. 

A Journey Unfolds


Born in Iran, Payam's story took a detour through Poland and the Netherlands, where he graduated his studies in Economics. For the last 7 years, he worked as a freelance data analyst, embracing the life of a digital nomad, working with research centers and investigative media.


From Stats to Croissants


Despite a successful career in the tech world, Payam couldn't resist the attraction of the bakery. In early 2020, just before the world was gripped by uncertainty, he traded algorithms for sourdough starters, immersing himself in the art of artisanal baking professionally. Baking became Payam's way of reconnecting with his roots, evoking cherished memories of his mother's kitchen.


Discovering Home on Bonaire


The azure waters and laid-back vibe of Bonaire captured Payam's heart in 2022. With his partner by his side, himself still a digital nomad, and his baking tools in tow, he embarked on a new chapter, bringing his passion for quality baked goods to the island. Payam immediately sought out the local bakeries and began baking at Sweeti Bakery , later selling his loaves and pastries at the Saturday market near Warehouse supermarket.


A Commitment to Quality and Community – Artisan Bakery Bonaire


In September 2023, Payam found the perfect location and opened the doors of Artisan Bakery Bonaire in December 2023. At the bakery, Payam's dedication to premium quality is evident in every loaf of bread and pastry. From meticulously sourced ingredients to traditional baking techniques, he ensures that each bite is a testament to his craft. Baking on Bonaire, a humid island, is a challenge. With a three-day process, they try to work as efficiently as possible. He appreciates his team who share his passion. He started with 20 loaves a week and is now up to 75 loaves a day.


Sustainability at the Forefront


Beyond the bakery counter, Payam is committed to sustainability. He sources premium-quality ingredients, minimizes waste, and offers eco-conscious products, embodying his belief in responsible business practices.


A Broad Assortment


Artisan Bakery Bonaire offers a variety of plant-based sourdough breads, including sourdough country and the Seeded loaves as well as Focaccia and the Italian baguette, Stirato. Their plant-based pastries include regular croissants, pain au chocolate, pistachio laminated buns, cinnamon croissants, madeleines and brioche, with the biggest assortment available on Saturdays.


The Benefits of Sourdough Bread


Sourdough bread is celebrated for its ease of digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, lower glycemic index, probiotic properties promoting gut health, extended shelf life, distinctive flavor, and chewy texture.


Our Experience


We, and many customers, praise Artisan Bakery Bonaire for its real country bread with a crunchy crust, substantial sourdough loaves, and delicious pastries. The pistachio laminated bun is particularly beloved for its savory-sweet combination and is also one of our favorites. The only thing we like to note is that because of the choice to bake plant-based, there is a difference in texture compared to traditional ingredients. Nonetheless, the pastries' beautiful flaky layers are delicious.



67 Kaya Grandi, Kralendijk

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 8 am–3 pm;

Sunday-Tuesday Closed

Instagram: Artisan Bakery Bonaire

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