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"Trippin' Tuna" - A Sublime Fusion of Art, Nature, and Environmental Consciousness

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On the island of Bonaire, an enchanting spectacle unfolds above the waves as Trippin' Tuna, a majestic creation by artist Fred Ros, takes center stage. The official presentation of this underwater masterpiece occurred on January 9th at Macaroca, marking a celebration of its arrival on the island.

Trippin' Tuna, a fifteen-feet hand-forged steel marvel, embarked on a journey that began in the Netherlands and has now found its home in Bonaire. The creation of Dutch artist Ron Moret, the tuna comes to life and into motion under the skillful hands of Fred Ros. The stainless-steel beauty, bathed in a bluish hue, stands as a symbolic icon and landmark, representing the delicate balance between humanity and nature.



The arrival of the Trippin' Tuna on Bonaire signaled a series of exciting plans for the coming months. The steel tuna, at the Airport right now, is scheduled to be at Macaroca again, and then to Foodies later on. However, the anticipation doesn't stop there.


Underwater Exhibition


The Tuna is set to dive into the ocean, at the dive site "Oil Slick". An intriguing question arises: How long will it gracefully navigate the waters, becoming an art piece in motion? The "Tunarium," a dedicated exhibition space for the Trippin' Tuna in the open ocean, opens its doors with free admission, inviting all to marvel at the inspiring creation. This unique exhibition space not only showcases the Tuna's physical presence but also serves as a platform for environmental awareness. It's a powerful statement, emphasizing the connection between man and nature, urging visitors to contemplate their role in preserving the delicate ecosystems that surround us.


Fred Ros


Fred Ros, the visionary artist behind this transformative project, has been a resident of Bonaire for over 18 years. Known for previous art projects like "The Enlightened Obsession with Space" and "40 Feet Underwater," Ros's work explores the themes of time, movement, and space. With Trippin' Tuna, he takes these themes to new depths, literally submerging his creation into the global ecosystem.


Ros challenges the traditional boundaries of art and artist, engaging in a dynamic game with the environment. The Tuna's journey, from creation to exhibition, involves a series of interactions with people and nature. The artist provocatively asks, “Who is the creator? Who is the originator? Who the designer?” This philosophical exploration extends to the viewers, nature, and the environment, prompting introspection about our relationship with the world around us.


The Journey


The story of the Trippin' Tuna goes beyond its physical form. The project is a collaborative effort that began with Ron Moret's creation, offering a starting point for Fred Ros's imaginative journey. The Tuna's global trip, from the Netherlands to Bonaire, serves as a metaphor for its inclusive and organic process, involving diverse landscapes and people.


As the Tuna travels, it forms deep connections with those who encounter it, sparking emotions and reflections. The artist emphasizes this emotional bond, comparing it to the connections people forge with fictional characters like Nemo, Lassie, and Flipper. The Tuna becomes more than an artwork; it becomes a vessel for shared experiences and perspectives.


A Dynamic Interplay


The immersive nature of the Trippin' Tuna project is further amplified by the inclusion of the audience in its journey. Viewers are encouraged to capture their own experiences with the Tuna, whether through photographs or videos, and share them with the world. Selected images become a part of subsequent installations and exhibitions, creating a dynamic interplay between the artwork and its audience.


The Conductor


Fred Ros's concept for Trippin' Tuna challenges traditional notions of authorship and ownership in the art world. He positions himself as an intermediary, orchestrating a game between the artwork and the environment. This approach broadens the scope of what constitutes art and who plays a role in its creation.


As the Tuna's journey unfolds, its website, Facebook and Instagram, offer a virtual trail for enthusiasts to follow. This multi-platform presence allows the project to reach a global audience, expanding the dialogue around environmental consciousness and the intersection of art and nature.


In Conclusion


The Trippin' Tuna stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, nature, and human connection. Fred Ros's visionary approach challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the environment and each other. As the Tuna continues its journey, it invites us to dive deep into the complexities of our existence, fostering a collective awareness of our impact on the world we inhabit.


Exhibition Sponsors


To keep the underwater exhibition a constant, sponsors are needed and welcome.




Facebook: Trippintuna

Instagram: trippintuna

Phone: +599 786 3373

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