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Bonchi Boneiru - Brewing a Sustainable Coffee Culture

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Bonaire is experiencing a new trend that blends a passion for coffee, sustainability, and community. Leading this movement is Bonchi Boneiru, the island's first official coffee roastery.

Meet Nort van Hulten, a dynamic entrepreneur who, alongside his wife Maxime, swapped the bustling life of the Netherlands for the serene rhythms of Bonaire four years ago. Maxime's family hails from Sint Martin, and the couple came to Bonaire for Maxime's job as a speech therapist. Nort, armed with a background in business economics, sought a more hands-on pursuit.

The Bonchi Boneiru story begins with a simple observation. Despite being nestled near some of the world's renowned coffee origins, Bonaire lacked a local source of fresh, high-quality coffee. Nort, an aficionado of the rich, nuanced flavors found in small European roasteries, decided it was time to bring that experience to the Caribbean. 

Bonchi Boneiru

The journey started at home, where Nort, fueled by a passion for both the craft and the environment, delved into the intricate world of coffee roasting. The challenge was clear - how to create a sustainable and locally sourced coffee that not only tantalized the taste buds, but also contributed positively to the island's community.


The solution lay in importing green coffee beans directly from farmers in Central and South America, a move that significantly reduced the carbon footprint associated with traditional coffee supply chains. Bonchi Boneiru's commitment to sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a deliberate choice to prioritize the planet while delivering a fresh and flavorful, high-quality product.


The logo, a creation by Nort himself, is at the heart of the brand. It features the troupial bird, a colorful and distinctive species common on Bonaire . The name, "Bonchi Boneiru", holds a distinct connection to the local culture of Bonaire. "Bonchi" in Papiamentu translates to "beans," directly alluding to the primary ingredient of their craft—coffee beans.


Step into Bonchi Boneiru's modest roastery, tucked away in Kralendijk, and you'll find more than just bags of aromatic coffee beans. You'll discover a commitment to fair trade practices, traceability, and community engagement. Bonchi Boneiru doesn't just roast coffee. They foster relationships with suppliers who, in turn, support coffee farmers and their communities.


Nort's dream extends beyond a thriving business. He envisions Bonchi Boneiru as a catalyst for positive change on the island. The company not only provides a haven for coffee enthusiasts, but also seeks to uplift through sharing their know-how in the future. Nort speaks passionately about future projects with the sentiment that a successful business should be a force for good.


Specialty Coffee & Sustainability

In the midst of their coffee venture, Bonchi Boneiru found itself at the intersection of sustainability and flavor. By directly sourcing green coffee beans from farmers in Central and South America, they not only ensured a fresh and distinctive product, but also drastically reduced the environmental impact associated with traditional coffee supply chains. The decision to import beans that were closer to home meant a 92% reduction in shipping emissions compared to supermarket coffee—a move that speaks volumes about their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Nort, fueled by a desire for transparency, ensures that each batch of coffee can be traced back to its roots. The company's emphasis on traceability not only guarantees the origin of the coffee, but also ensures that the farmers receive a fair wage for their labor.


But the heart of Bonchi Boneiru lies in the diverse flavors encapsulated in every roast. Nort's discerning palate appreciates the fruitiness of a light coffee without milk, particularly the natural beans from Nicaragua. This love for unique flavor profiles has translated into a diverse range of coffees from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Each region contributes its own distinct notes. Be it the bold richness of Colombian coffee or the subtle nuances of beans from Nicaragua. Customers have the privilege of choosing coffees that resonate with their personal preferences, whether it's the nutty undertones, the chocolatey richness, or the hint of citrus and caramel.


Where to find Bonchi Boneiru

Bonchi Boneiru caters not only to individual consumers, but also to the thriving local business scene. Horeca establishment like Chefs, including Number Ten, proudly serve and sell Bonchi Boneiru's coffee.  Discover the delightful taste of Bonchi Boneiru coffee at various points of sale across the island. Both ground and whole bean options are offered at Terra Basket, Van den Tweel, Artisan Bakery Bonaire, Airport Bar, Stiches Coffee shop and with a stand at some events . The company also provides coffee equipment, ensuring that the carefully roasted beans can be brewed to perfection.


As the rich aroma of Bonchi Boneiru's coffee wafts through the air, it carries not just the scent of carefully roasted beans but, in every cup, there's a story of passion, sustainability, and a commitment to making a positive impact, one coffee bean at a time. 


Kaya Industria Pariba 14 (2nd floor), Kralendijk, Bonaire

Phone/WhatsApp: +599 770 4322

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