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WEB uses irrigation water pipeline to deliver to hotels.

Press Release WEB

Water and Energy Company Bonaire N.V. can, after an intensive period of research and repairs, supply irrigation water to hotels and apartment complexes along the west coast of Bonaire.

In the first part of October Delfins Beach Resort was the 5th hotel to be connected to the irrigation water pipeline. WEB has been managing the Waste water treatment plant (WWTP) on Bonaire since 2014 and produces good quality irrigation water. However, the irrigation water pipeline from the WWTP does not yet meet the necessary specifications and thus far has not been put into operation. The sales of irrigation water to hotels was an EU condition for building the WWTP and for obtaining the necessary subsidy. Despite the limitations of the irrigation water pipeline, WEB makes every effort to make the supply of irrigation water possible.

Low pressure, approved installation

In view of the lengthy arbitration case concerning the repair and final delivery of the irrigation water pipeline, WEB decided to operate the pipeline in the first part of 2019. After research and necessary repairs to the pipeline it was possible to operate it under a responsible low pressure. WEB can supply irrigation water to hotels and apartment complexes with an approved installation. The irrigation water that WEB produces meets the strict requirements that have been specifically established for this purpose by the OLB. For more information about these requirements, please contact us via

Importance of irrigation water

41 irrigation water meters have been installed along the west coast, 5 of which are at hotels that meet the necessary conditions: Hamlet Oasis, Captain Don's Habitat, Sand Dollar Condominiums, Port Bonaire and recently Delfins Beach Resort. It is important for Bonaire that hotels and apartment complexes are connected to the irrigation water pipeline. Untreated waste water affects the coral reefs and is unsafe for people. By collecting waste water centrally, it does not end up in our groundwater and not in the ocean. Reusing purified wastewater as irrigation water results in a considerable saving on the use of drinking water.

Registration and conditions

A number of conditions must be met for the supply of irrigation water. For example, drip irrigation systems and special reservoirs for irrigation water must be installed. Anyone who wants to purchase irrigation water via the irrigation water pipeline can contact the Directie Ruimte en Ontwikkeling (DRO), Department of Public Works (formerly LVV) of the OLB.

The department is located at Kaminda Lagoen 32, telephone 717-8836.

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