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Two-day training candidate members of political parties Bonaire

Press Release RCN

In the run-up to the elections of the 20th of March 2019, a two-day training was held for candidate members of political parties on Bonaire. The Public Entity of Bonaire organized this in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Wethoudersvereniging and the University of Aruba.

During the two-day training, which took place at Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire, several experienced trainers discussed in detail what an Island Council member or governor on Bonaire needs to know in their specific role, in order to be able to do the work as well as possible. Topics discussed include good island governance, leadership and effective communication. Focus was not only on the theory. A connection was also made with daily practice. In addition, the participants also increased their knowledge about the functioning of the Island Council and the Executive Council in general.

Governor Edison Rijna was also present and was very pleased with the two-day training sessions and the fact that the participants teamed up very collegially despite their ideological and political differences,. This gives hope for a positive impulse to local democracy. Furthermore, the program makes it possible for the new Island Council and the Executive Council to make a successful start immediately after the March 20 elections. To conclude, the participants received a participation certificate. Almost all political parties have participated in the two-day training.

The Public Entity, together with the aforementioned partners, will continue to provide training and courses on a regular basis during the new term. As a result, the council members and island representatives are structurally provided with information and tools to carry out their statutory tasks at level. The democratic process is thus increasingly being strengthened.

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