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The Labor Inspection strictly monitors falling from height

Press Release RCN

Last Wednesday, January 30th, the Labor Inspection gave an order to suspend work on a construction site at the Kaya Grandi on Bonaire.

This was because employees of a steel fixing company were working at about 10 meters height, without any form of protection against risk of a fall. After the command of the inspector, the employer purchased harnesses for the employees. The inspector has informed the employees on the construction site about the need for safe working, after which they could return to work. On this day the employer got away with a written warning.

On Friday February 1st in the morning hours, the Labor Inspection had to act again on the same construction site. Although the steel fixers were wearing harnesses, they didn’t hook up to the construction. Reason for the Labor Inspection to order to suspend work again. The employer was also ordered to place sturdy guard rails at the construction since the steel fixers did not use the harness as it was intended. The Labor Inspection drew up an official report against the employer and issued a written warning to the steel fixers. It is the first time that the Labor Inspection gives warnings to employees as well.

On Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius there is an increasing number of construction activities. All the more reason for construction companies to keep a close eye on safety.

The Labor Inspection will continue monitoring the risk of falling from height strictly. In case of violations they may draw up an official report.

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