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Sunfish World Championships 2019

Bonaire is proud to host the 2019 Sunfish World Championships, Powered by Maclaren. The conditions are perfect to host this event on this small picturesque Caribbean island. September 14th – 20th the top sailors from each country will come to Bonaire to battle it out to show who is best. From the 21st – 25th the masters (several categories of 40 and beyond) and the Youth (U19) will take to the waters to show their skills.

The Event

Maclaren will bring 72 brand new boats, sails and trollies to the island to level the playing field. Everyone will sail with identical equipment, leaving only one variable, the talent of the sailor to determine who is the fastest. The boats will launch from the beach at Plaza Resort, the host for the event, which is a full service resort with multiple bars and restaurants, casino, dive and watersports facilities. The competition will be in the bay directly in front for basically no transit times to and from the course. There will be beautiful viewing areas to watch the competition both at the resort and from along the shores of Bonaire. The sunfish will be available for sale after the event for a great price, so if you are thinking about a boat September is the time!


Just off the coast of South America, Bonaire is nearby Curacao and Aruba. With year round trade winds averaging 15mph in September, we look to a great competition.

Bonaire has a long and rich history in sailing and boat building. As part of the culture, sailing in many disciplines is popular, so if you are looking for something else to do while you are here, head out to Sorobon for world class wind surfing or head south to kite beach for some amazing air on a kite board! Looking to stay dry? We even have land sailing. If those are too much action you can also join a lazy snorkel sail charter or sunset sail.

Blue Destination

The first island to gain recognition as a Blue Destination, Bonaire takes it nature and sea seriously. This follows a long list of firsts, Bonaire was a pioneer to require use of permanent moorings rather than anchoring, abolish spearfishing, promote the protection of sea turtles and establish a marine park, all before the ‘70’s were over. Blue Destination describes a way of mind and a way of life, combining our environment, our culture and our economy to work in concert for a sustainable future.

Bonaire is world famous for its diving and snorkeling. With such a history of awareness and protection of our resources, Bonaire is a top destination with the most fish and coral diversity in the Caribbean. There are courses or dives for divers of every skill level. There are a huge number of sites that can be accessed from shore, or join along with a boat dive. Rent a car and explore our national park, or take a guided island tour of the island. Whatever your interest, there is plenty to do.

Getting There

With the boats supplied on the island it makes travel easy for this event, no shipping, just fly in and compete. Bonaire is easily reached by daily flights with KLM and TUI from

Amsterdam. United, Delta and American offer flights from various cities in the US. Insel, WinAir, Divi Divi Air and EZ Air offer Caribbean and interisland flights so you may touch down in Curacao or Aruba where you will find a wider variety of connections from south and central America, besides the rest of the world, then hop to Bonaire!

We look forward to welcoming the world’s top sunfish sailors, families, coaches, friends and spectators. Bonaire has lots to offer, so join us for this great event!

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Instagram: sunfishworldsbonaire

Twitter: @BonaireWorlds

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