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STINAPA Junior Ranger Program Manual online

Press Release STINAPA

The STINAPA Junior Ranger Program Bonaire is an after school nature education program for youth between 12 and 21 years old.

The first Junior Rangers entered the program in 2010. The program has been a success and proven itself as a way of educating island youth to become aware of the nature on their island and the need to conserve it. It has been recognized by other islands and larger groups within the Caribbean. Replication of the program has been encouraged, as well as expansion of the program on Bonaire. Before, there were program descriptions, but no manual that described the structure of the STINAPA youth program. In order to expand the program on Bonaire and to replicate it on other islands in the Caribbean, the program must be standardized. For this reason, this manual has been written.

Last week the STINAPA Junior Ranger Program Manual has been officially released. The manual is now available on our website for download:

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