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Doener Station HATO

Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot 86


Tue. - Sat. 11 am - 10 pm 

Sun. 12 pm - 8 pm

Monday Closed 

Phone: +599 787 4100

Döner Station HATO                                                    Oriental  Lunch | Dinner


Döner Station HATO is perfectly situated at the HATO Roundabout next to Zen’s Bar and close to the DA drugstore.  With the new Döner Station at HATO the latest addition to the well known Fresh Market, you now have the opportunity to get your favorite savory treat 7 days a week.


With a terrace, tables, chairs and a Turkish atmosphere, you can now enjoy your meal freshly prepared on location with the same quality service, speed and affordable price now in a comfortable and friendly setting.  The Döner Station in HATO and The Fresh Market (Kaya Industria) serve the same items with some small differences.  The Fresh Market will remain the location where you can buy a whole Rotisserie chicken and the Döner Station HATO will offer their homemade falafels as a vegetarian option

Check out our         marked Favorite Menu Items!!! 


Döner Bread US$ 7.50

Döner Meat served in a pita bread served with mixed salad and garlic sauce and homemade hot sauce 

| Döner Meal US$ 11.00

Döner Meat served with a mixed salad and French fries and an option of garlic sauce & homemade hot sauce

| Kapsalon (Dutch Combo) US$ 9.00

Döner Meat served on French fries and melted cheese 

| Turkish Pizza 

Turkish spiced pizza with mixed salad  and optional Döner Meat US$ 6.00 or  US$9.00

| Chicken Meal  

Rotisserie chicken served with French fries and mixed salad 

1/2 chicken US$ 11.00

1/4 chicken US$ 9.00

| Falafel US$ 9.00

Homemade Falafel served in turkish bread or wrap with mixed Salad and an option of homemade garlic sauce and hot sauce. 

| Oriental Lentil Soup small US$ 4.00 large US$ 6.00

Photo Gallery & Specials 
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