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Feature Story XpBonaire in Collaboration with Da Drogist and Anke Scissors

Current circumstances are making us stay at home more than ever and sometimes we start caring less about our appearance, get lethargic and are in a state of disbelief about how the world as we knew it changed from one day to another. It is important to stay positive and care about your own wellbeing, a perfect time to create your “ME” day. Here we’ll give you tips all about creating a perfect day of pampering and relaxation in your very own home!

First things first… start by setting the mood! Put on some calming music and create the perfect spa scent while you get things ready. Light a candle with essential oils. Lavender is great for relaxing; nothing smells more like a spa than eucalyptus; but any smell that you love will work to switch up your mental state!

Now that you have the smells and sounds of the spa, put on your slippers, get out your fluffiest towels, and start with your skin and hair treatment.

Brush your hair

The constant breeze on the island easily tangles up your hair and the never-ending dust will sit in your hair making it look dull and untended. Find a comfortable place to sit and take your time brushing your hair, to detangle it for hair shine and scalp health. Brushing is also a good way to distribute the natural oils through the hair to the ends, resulting in shiny hair.

TOOL TIP: Anke Scissors recommends the famous “Tangle Teezer” available at the shop. This brush consists of flexible hair pins that are long and short. That is the secret of this brush. The pins move smoothly during brushing, so you are less likely to break your hair. The long pins detangle the hair and the shorter pins make it smooth. The brush is compact and small so that it fits exactly in the palm of your hand.

Wash your hair and style it

Give your hair a good lather and scalp massage under the shower. It will make you feel fresh and new!

When you blow-dry or iron your hair, know that the heat can damage your hair. Use a hair dryer that can dry your hair on different heat levels and use a serum to protect your hair from heat. A styling tool with full ceramic/titanium plates ensures an even heat distribution. This ensures anti-frizz and less static hair. With good care, it is not harmful to use a flat iron or curling iron.

TOOL TIP: Anke Scissor’s favors the brand CH. The CH hairdryer and iron has an adjustable temperature control.

Face skin care


Cleaning your skin well is the basis of any good skin care routine. Use a makeup remover first to remove dust particles, sweat, makeup, sun protection and anything else on top of your skin.

Step 2 would be a gel, cream, or foam cleanser to remove dead skin cells and clean out the pores.

We have reviewed the Biotherm Biosource Purifying Foaming Cleanser available at Da Drogist.

Allegedly a mineral-rich facial foam wash, a rich creamy lather to gently cleanse skin. Effectively removes dirt & makeup. Contains nutrient-rich Life Plankton for an extremely soothing effect.

Rating & Review

A very rich, creamy foam that removes makeup and cleanses the skin in a very gentle way.

TIP: In case you use full makeup, cleanse twice.

A pea size of foam in the palm of your hand is enough, very economic use. It leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. For normal to combination skin, this is an excellent cleanser. For dry skin, this is still gentle enough, but could feel tight or uncomfortable.

NOTE: This skin care line is aroma therapy scented and might not be the right choice for allergy sensitive skin.

Tip: with a gentle facial cleansing brush, your cleansing procedure will be even deeper and more effective.

Prep your skin- Toner / Essence

After cleansing the next step is a lotion, toner or essence - a fluid enriched with various ingredients to hydrate, calm or balance your skin and prepare it for the skin care that will follow.

We have reviewed Biotherm Life Plankton Essence available at the Da Drogist.

Allegedly the living plankton micro-organisms are endowed with extraordinary renewing properties.

Rating & Review

The essence feels light and fresh with a hint of silky softness. Only a few drops are needed. It soaks the skin with instant hydration after cleansing. Perfect for normal to combination skin. For dryer skin types, “layer” repeat this step.

Note: this is a scented line and might not be the right choice for allergy sensitive skin.

Tip: tap the essence lightly into your skin. You activate blood circulation and the skin’s ability to process nutrients.

“Layering” is a common way to use an essence in Asia. By layering, you will intensify the ingredients and the effect. Repeat depending on your skin type (normally between 1-3) and if used as a step in your regular routine or as a “mask treatment”.

Boost & Glow – Serum

Before you continue with your regular skin care, give your skin an extra boost with a serum that will penetrate deeper into your skin and keeps your skin plump and hydrated longer.

We have reviewed the Biotherm Aquasource Aura Concentrate

Allegedly this liquid concentrate features a dual texture—watery and oily—that is quickly absorbed and can restore skin’s glow and day-long intense hydration, all with just one application.

Rating & Review

Shake the bottle and use only a few drops. The liquid is fairly rich caused by the dual texture.

The skin feels saturated, hydrated for a long time and has a healthy glow.

This is best used for normal to dry skin as a daily skin care; for normal to combination skin as night care and as a spa day boost! For oily skin this might feel too oily.

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