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Glam Holidays

Collab Anke Scissors - Da Drogist Bonaire & XpBonaire IslandLife

Here our festive hair and makeup tutorial to look your best on those special days of the year that bring love, harmony and peace back into our hearts and maybe some good pics too.

If you give your hair and makeup a little more love and attention, you will radiate that. Your hair, the crown you never take off, can say something about you and the mood you are in. Women usually have many different outfits that suit their mood. Since you wear your hair every day, your hairstyle and makeup are just as important!

Make your Appointment

In case you want to make your hairstyle really special, let the Anke Scissors team do the work for you. Make your appointment for hair styling and/or makeup or use our tutorial to create your own look.

DIY Tips & Tricks


- Smooth the hair with a hairdryer, brush or tongs. You can use a little serum for extra shine.

- Create a high pony tail that best fits your face. With a round face, it may be a little higher so that some length is created. For a long face, place it a little lower or on the side so that your face looks a bit wider. Brush the hair well so that everything is smooth. Pull the elastic band tight.

- Pick up a lock of hair half an inch thick. Comb it well. Roll this hair around your finger and secure it with a bobby pin. Spread the rolls a little wider and spray a little hairspray for volume and durability.

- Do this with a lock of hair half an inch thick until all your hair is pinned up. Make the rolls nice and wide and let everything blend together.

- Pull 3 thin hair locks framing your face on each side and curl them. This gives you a slightly playful effect on a classic style.

- Pull the hair a bit loose in the front to create volume. You can do this by picking a few high points with your finger tips and pulling slightly.

- To suit the Christmas atmosphere, you can use a few nice glitter hair sliders in this style.


Makeup is just like painting and your face is the canvas. Using different colors, tools and products, you apply your makeup layer by layer. With different colors, techniques and materials, you perfect your features by creating contour and a lot of depth using foundations, powders, blush and highlighters.

With eye make-up, you can make your eyes look bigger optically. With our Island Beauty model, Monique, we have chosen to create a glam, smoky cut crease, perfect for the holidays or a nice photo. By using a cut crease technique, working from dark to light on the eyelid, the eye looks much larger. Choose the right products because good products save you half the time. The eye shadows available at Da druggist are highly pigmented and the metallic shadows have a strong shine.


Hair & Makeup Appointment: Anke Scissors

Jewelry: Da Druggist Bonaire

Makeup: Da Drogist Bonaire Maybelline Eyeshadow palette, Pupa Glitter single eyeshadows

Model: Monique Bouwer

Makeup: Marjolijn - XpBonaire Island Life, Kim - Anke Scissors

Hair style: Kim – Anke Scissors

Photography & Effects: XpBonaire

Text: XpBonaire, Kim - Anke Scissors

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