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The Brazilian Body Goddess Guide – Sol de Janeiro – Introduction – Review

The 7-step body skin care routine to glow from head to toe.

Let’s face it. The daily grind wears on our bodies. But with the right skin care routine, your skin can glow every day. We believe you’re as beautiful as you feel, that’s why we love the Brazilian brand called Sol de Janeiro! This international favorite and top seller is now finally available on Bonaire at the DA Drugstore. Do your body a favor and follow our 7-step guide to silky-soft, goddess skin.

1. Cleanse

Let the good vibes wash over you. BRAZILIAN 4 PLAY

We’re all familiar with this step. But did you know there’s actually a right way to clean your body? Here’s the best way to wash away dirt, sweat and everything else life throws at you! Try the Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream Gel. A shower gel that hydrates as well as it cleanses! It can boost your mood! Wanna up your skin’s moisture game? Then before you cleanse your body, be sure to thoroughly rinse, shampoo and use your conditioner. They can cling to your skin and clog pores! Also check your temperature! A long, steamy shower sounds amazing, but it can also cause dry, itchy skin.

2. Exfoliate

Give your skin a fresh start. BODY BUFF

A winning skin care regiment includes exfoliation – a good body scrub. With it you buff away dead skin cells and lift dirt from pores, paving the way to smooth, touchable skin.

Depending on your skin condition, you can exfoliate three times a week, but we recommend once a week in general. The Brazilian Body Buff is a smoothing scrub and mask in one for touch-me-now Brazilian babe skin. Massage in the scrub with upward, circling movements. This doesn't take much time, but in the long term, it makes a lot of difference. Leave this on for 5-10 minutes and continue to wash your hair and condition it, or shave your legs if necessary. After rinsing your body, your skin will feel silky smooth.

3. Moisturize

Always a smooth move. BUM BUM BODY CREAM

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, life finds a way to steal the moisture from your skin. Weather, age, skin type– it can all cause dry skin. A healthy moisturizing routine is key to tackling it. They’re one of the most effective ways to prevent dry skin. The Brazilian Bum Bum body cream is great for warm weather. The Bum Bum cream absorbs quickly to help visibly tighten the appearance of skin. Infused with all-powerful, caffeine-rich Guaraná extract and a cocktail of Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí Oil, and Coconut Oil, this fast-absorbing cream with addictive Pistachio and Salted Caramel fragrance will bring out your most radiant skin ever.

4. Foot Fetish

Your feet move you through the world, help you stand up to your day, and ground you. They also need extra care to keep them soft, strong, and free of problems. Those hard-working feet deserve a little more attention than you’re probably giving them. The Samba Foot Fetish Cream is fast absorbing and has a non-slip formula.

5. Lips to kiss

The mouth is the most sensitive part of our face. Our skin has about 16 layers in other places, but our lips only have three to five. Our lips have no hair or sweat glands to create a protective layer of sebum, which is why they are so sensitive. Proper care means first and foremost good hydration, so choose lip balms that are natural. The Brazilian Kiss is therefore suitable to use several times a day. Put the lip balm in your handbag so that you always have a radiant smile wherever you are.

6. Hand care

They say that hands betray your age and that's true, unless you want to put makeup on your hands. More reason to take good care of them and avoid wrinkles, fissures and flakes. It is important not to wash them with water that is too hot and to take good care of them with a hand cream like the Sol de Janeiro one. This cream absorbs quickly and is also for the wellbeing of your nails. Apply this cream several times a day. Do you suffer from very dry hands? Add a very thick layer of cream onto your hands, put on thin cotton gloves and sleep with it overnight. The next morning they are good as new!

7. Body Mist

Looking for all-day freshness? Spritz it up.

No skin care routine would be complete without a body spray. Refresh and smell amazing. We tried the Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance mist.

We’re obsessed with these fresher-uppers for so many reasons.

Damp skin absorbs moisture and nutrients better than dry skin. Mists make your body lotions and creams even more effective. Oh, and they’re also amazingly portable. Bags, desks, carry-ons, cars – they go where you go. Brazilian Babe Rule #1: always smell cheirosa, which means irresistible, and a body mist can be used on body, hair, and lingerie. Sunny yet seductive, the warm scent is bursting with enticing layers of Pistachio and Salted Caramel to keep you cheirosa from sunrise 'till sunset.

Ready, Set, Glow!

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