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A Woman who does it all - Liset Bernabela

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Liset Bernabela is a mother, wife and a career woman, all at the same time. As the Manager of the Da Drugstore situated in Hato, Bonaire, she is running a shop that offers her most favorite products - skin care, make up and health. As the mother of 2, she finds daily dinner times with the family sacred. As the wife of a successful entrepreneur, she has to help wherever she can.

She met her husband 13 years ago in the Netherlands. While she grew up in the Netherlands, she had friends from the islands and always wished for an opportunity to live here. In 2009, her husband had his internship on the island. She took a chance and went along for half a year.

Even though they had settled down with their own house and a child in the Netherlands, Liset was still looking for an opportunity to escape the Netherlands. When she learned of the vacancy for an assistant manager position at the Da on Bonaire, she applied and was successful. After only a few conversations, it was clear that she would be offered the job and she would have to move to Bonaire in 2015.

After a moment of feeling overwhelmed by the reality of the decision, she was excited to leave the Netherlands and start a new life on Bonaire.


Liset took over many of the managerial responsibilities from the beginning, but after a few years, the previous manager wanted to return to the Netherlands. Liset took over the Manager position officially in 2018. Offering her most favorite products, she is eager to find the best deals, cutest accessory, newest bestseller and the latest trends.

Christmas 2019

Right now she is busy organizing Christmas in order to have all of the festive Christmas articles in the shop on time for the high demand of the holiday. She is trying to fill the shop as of the end of October.

VIP Night November 8th 2019

2 times a year, the Da organizes a VIP night. On Friday, November 8th, the Christmas VIP Night 2019 will take place from 7-9pm. Da will introduce you to the newest products and have special discounts along with a drink and a snack. Customers will be presented with a special gift. Everyone is welcome!

Da Folder

The advertisements you find all around the island and in your mail box are hand selected items that are chosen by the managers of the three islands, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba, to bring you the things you need and enjoy the most.

Liset loves being a mother and hopes to have a third child sometime in the future. For her, the most important part of good parenting is to take the time for each other, listen to each other and always communicate. Both parents have busy careers and have to prioritize their family time. Having a successful career in work the parents both love makes Liset and her husband stronger as a couple.

Liset is excited about the many future opportunities for her, her husband, the children and the island as a whole.

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