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50 Shades of Grey Hair Style

Xp Bonaire Feature Stories in Collab with Da Drogist Bonaire & Anke Scissor's

The battle between blondes and brunettes has always been severe, but there’s a new player making waves in the hair game. The grey/pastel hair style has taken the world by storm. Here you will find ways to obtain the so-called granny hair look and join in on this popular trend. If you are over 40, want to embrace your gray hair and magnify it, you can also stylishly rock this look.

How to get grey hair:

First things first. Getting grey hair isn't all that easy, so it's important to be realistic. Grey is one of the most difficult colors to obtain and maintain. Essentially, grey needs to sit on a white base, or at least a very pale yellow. So if you're not white already, you're going to have to conquer this issue first which means a lot of bleach. If you choose to go grey before you get to the perfect base, then the yellow will start to come through leaving you with a mix of grey and yellow hair.

PROFFESIONAL: Anke Scissor’s Salon Recommendation

If your hair is a dark shade, the best for your hair’s health is to let your professional hair dresser treat your hair to get the desired hair color. For special techniques, like highlights or a balayage to lighten the hair and finish with a toner of your choice, your hair professional is the best way to go.

With the Blond Me brand from Schwarzkopf found at Anke Scissors, you can easily achieve results while your hair structure is not affected. Blond Me now features a bonding system that protects the hair and is the only color and care brand really dedicated to blond hair. With this hair care line, you can keep your beautiful, healthy blond locks in check with Cool Blond, All Blond or Warm Blond.


Blonde hair quickly turns yellow from swimming and the sun. That is why maintaining a color is very important, especially on Bonaire. Product use at home contributes 50% to a salon coloring. For an even more effective silver effect, Anke Scissors recommends the Fudge Silver shampoo available at their salon. This is a toning shampoo that ensures that you no longer need toning at the hairdresser.

AT HOME USE: Da Drogist

To maintain your color effect, you can also choose a commercial brand available at the Da Drogist. How you use the “Silver” shampoos depends on how intense a color effect you want to achieve. The deep purple or blue shampoos are enriched with a color pigment that will neutralize yellow hair, brighten grey or white hair or tone your hair from a pale grey to a pastel purple.

Grey & Yellow Hair

To neutralize and brighten your hair color, you can use the shampoo like any other shampoo; only leave it in for 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing well.

Pastel & Grey

Depending on the intensity of the color effect you want to achieve, starting from grey as the weakest to pastel purple as the strongest, massage the shampoo into your dry hair and leave it in for +/- 30 minutes, lather it up in the shower and rinse well.

We have tried a few brands for you and these are the 2 winners. They are also highly recommended by the Da team who are always ready to advise you.

Color Effect Winners

1. Schwarzkopf Silver Reflex Shampoo

2. L’Oreal Elvive Purple Shampoo Silver Care

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