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Tourism Corporation Bonaire announced this week that arrivals from last quarter by KLM and TUI airlines from major European markets rose by 22 percent compared with last year.

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Compared to 2016, more than 2600 additional arrivals arrived on Bonaire with KLM and TUI airlines. The European market is growing again by these developments.

"We are very pleased to see a significant increase in arrivals from Europe in the first quarter of 2017. We are setting a basis for Bonaire's accessibility as an international top destination for our tourists, such as divers, windsurfers and leisure tourists," said Mr. Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

Mr. Adriaens adds: "It is important for Bonaire to further optimize its accessibility, in consultation with local partners such as BIA and tourism companies. And to maintain a good cooperation with our airline partners like KLM, TUI, United and Delta, only then we can ensure continues growth for 2017”.

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