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De Garage (The Workshop)

Cars have much to endure on the island. Not only are they driven for short distances and the engine has no chance to warm up, but the sun, salt and bad road conditions are also a challenge for every car owner to keep their car in good condition.

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De Garage

Choosing the right auto repair shop and finding a true professional mechanic and technician are priorities here on the island where we all rely on our cars. In January, 2017, the team Pieter Breel and Marcel Verhalle announced the opening of their new auto repair shop: De Garage.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, News, Information, Feature Story, Island People, De Garage

They took over the repair shop, then part of Bocar, in October, 2016.

The two owners got together because the previous owner saw potential in their collaboration.

Pieter, who had been working at Bocar since 2011, was in charge of organizational and administrative tasks. Marcel, who has worked in the car repair business for over 35 years as a workshop manager and in various areas of car repair, has been schooled and follows the newest mechanical, technical and electronic innovations.


Besides service and maintenance work, De Garage offers Tuff Coating, airco repair and installations, dynamo repair, advice on auto part orders, body damage repair and independent advice when buying a car. Even car seat upholstering and interior linings are possible at De Garage.

As the two owners noted, annual maintenance and car service are the best and most affordable car repairs. It is always better and less expensive to prevent bigger damage and service your car frequently. Annual services at the Garage start at $100 up to $250 depending on your demands and needs.


Pieter, who has been on the island since 2001, has been working in the car industry since 2011 and has great knowledge about the needs, demands and obstacles in this region.

As a true adventurer, he came to the island to escape his former life in the Netherlands. Even though the island has gone through many changes, he still feels comfortable and calls Bonaire his home.

As many who came to live on Bonaire, Pieter went through many changes in his working career, but is most known for his organizational participation in the annual Heineken Jazz festival and from the radio station Mega FM. There are many other professions on his list, which is no wonder when you view work as a hobby as Pieter does.


Marcel, who grew up in Africa, comes from a technical family. His father also worked in car repair and his brother has his own house repair and maintenance company on the island. At 18 years of age, Marcel moved to the Netherlands where he stayed until last year when he came to Bonaire.

Growing up In Africa, Marcel was very happy with the climate Bonaire brought into his life again.

Finding the right partner in Pieter to start his own car repair shop was the icing on the cake. When moving to the island, Marcel brought all his special tools and is happy with the business so far.

Job Offer/ Vacancy

De Garage takes its role as an employer seriously and is happy to have a “home grown” mechanic who came to the company for his school internship. Now he has successfully finished his school education and certifications and is employed full time at de Garage.

In the future, De Garage will again make it a priority to give other young islanders a chance to work with a great team and, as a trainee, experience work as a mechanic.

De Garage, a three person team is NOW looking for a new team member: a full time mechanic.

If you are interested, please send a message on Facebook: De Garage Bonaire

Or send an e mail to:

And of course you can pass by at the shop.


De Garage

Kaya Industria 4

Open: Mon - Fri 8 am – noon | 1 pm – 5 pm

Phone: +599 717 67 36

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