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In the last years, the population growth on Bonaire has been spectacular, from 10,000 inhabitants in 2003, to a current 19,408 residents as of January, 2016. It is expected that this trend will continue and Bonaire will have approximately 25,000 inhabitants in the year 2020. In addition, tourism has been increasing. More than 137,000 tourists flew to Bonaire and 230,000 cruise ship passengers visited this Caribbean island in 2015.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, Island People, Feature Story, Windhoek

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, Island People, Feature Story, Windhoek

Bonaire is getting ready to welcome more guests to the island in the years to come by improving its necessary infrastructure.

  • Improvement of BIA (Bonaire International Airport)

  • Marketing

  • Expansion into new travel markets

  • Stabilizing and diversifying airlift

  • Growth and improvement in the hospitality industry

Besides the improvement and renovation of existing and well known resorts like Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Plaza Beach Resort, new resorts like Courtyard Marriott and EuroParc will be ready to welcome their first guests in the near future.

But not only the “big players” showing trust in the island’s development, smaller resorts and hotels are also hard at work to become part of the island’s future.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, Island People, Feature Story, Windhoek

Windhoek (Wind Corner)

Windhoek Resort, located on EEG Boulevard in Belnem was finished in September, 2016.

Roan Jaspars and Freek Hoving, owners of Kiteboarding Bonaire and now proud new owners of this Bali-inspired small scale resort, are thrilled to introduce their newest addition.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, Island People, Feature Story, Windhoek

The basic plans for Windhoek were designed by their personal friend and famous Dutch architect, Piet Boon, and was completed with a Bali-inspired theme including a beautiful wood interior, natural stone details and some color sprinkles in Balinese materials and accessories.

There are 2 villas with two bedrooms and 4 with one bedroom. They are equipped with airco, fan, solar power and solar water heaters, in keeping with the sustainability goal of the island. A kitchen and a living room porch give every guest the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living in a tropical garden, just the way we all would want it.

When entering the resort, you will enter a huge and gorgeous Bali gazebo which gives much needed shade during the day and a warm and welcoming place to get together at night.

Right next to the gazebo and in the center of the resort guests can unwind and enjoy a lazy time at the big pool.

Windhoek is perfectly located in Belnem, close to many dive sites, kiteboarding, windsurfing and the most beautiful beaches the island has to offer.


Windhoek Resort completes owner Roan’s original business idea.

Roan was a passionate kite boarder in the Netherlands with plans to start his own kiteboard business. Then he met someone who had just come back from Bonaire and recommended the island to him. The moment he stepped onto Bonairean soil in 2002, he knew this was the perfect spot for his business.

After some start up struggles introducing a completely new activity to the island, Roan became a successful pioneer in kiteboarding on our island. Kiteboarding has now become a watersport we don’t want to miss. It brings a new kind of guest to the island and gives us all spectacular sights as we watch them jump high in the air. The colorful kites doing their happy dance can also be seen from afar.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, Island People, Feature Story, Windhoek

Bring on the Good Vibes

Roan always wanted his kiteboard guests to bring good vibes to the place they stay, exchanging tricks and techniques, sharing passions and just having fun together. It took some time, but finally with combined efforts, Roan and Freek, who became his partner in 2012, worked out the plans and 2 years ago started the process of building the beautiful and cozy resort it is today.

Windhoek welcomes any guest who feels inspired by the atmosphere and who enjoys meeting people with similar passions. The resort doesn’t have a restaurant but a great bar, Roan and Freek are planning to organize special nights open to the public.

To keep updated check:


Address: EEG Boulevard, Kaya Pos di Frances K702, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

Phone: +599 777 5483

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