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Thursday September 15th, Tourism Corporation Bonaire celebrated its 25th anniversary, starting with a Holy Mass at the Coromoto Church in Antriol. Where the director, employees and some other guests assisted to give thanks, receive blessing and also to remember the ones who no longer are with us among others, the late Captain Don Stewart, Jack Chalk, Peter van der Veen, Richard Faneite, Arcadio “Caicai” Cicilia, Basilio Marin and Pedro “Niki” Tromp. Later in the evening the celebration continued with a reception at Fort Oranje where a few ex employees were also present.

XpBonaire, Bonaire, News, Information, Anniversary, TCB

XpBonaire, Bonaire, News, Information, Anniversary, TCB

Recognition was given to two pioneers in the tourism, which are Mr. Hugo Gerharts and Mr. Charles

R. “Rudy” Ellis, who couldn’t be present but was represented by his son Gerald, who received this recognition for him. The night concluded when recognition was also given to two employees Mrs. Joannellian Trinidad and Mrs. Evelain Marchena who are celebrating 25 years working for the office.

Finally, Mr. Adriaens thanked everyone and/or companies who contributed during these 25 years.

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