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Tropical Rancho

Tropical Rancho will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year in December, 2016.

If you have been going out to the same places over and over again, sometimes it’s good to go and look for a change in your routine. When you are a visitor to the island, Tropical Rancho is a place that has a typical and local island atmosphere.

The Bar& Disco, located at the inner court at Kaya Hermandat 1, is a typical local bar.

The air-conditioned location has comfortable chairs and tables, barstools, a dance floor, a beamer screen and a small, homey bar.

Ready for any type of entertainment, the bar is open on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm – 3 am.

Guests love to dance to the music of the region - bachata, salsa and the rhythms of local music.

Guests can also request their favorite songs and they will play it for you. Even though most people stay in the cool indoor area, you can also enjoy the inner court area under the beautiful tree and the talking parrot, who loves to join in when you are having a good lough.

Tropical Rancho also opens its doors on local holidays, like Dia di Boneiru and Dia di Rincon, or the most recent Valentine’s celebrations. Big sporting events are also beamed onto the big screen and dance fans can come and join the dance lessons.

What’s New and Upcoming?


This year, in honor of its 10th anniversary, Tropical Rancho will undergo a makeover. Planned to be completed in August of this year, the interior will be renewed, modernized and freshly painted.

Open Five Days a Week

Over the years, owner Anthony and his life partner have been running the bar, but very soon he will turn over the steering wheel to a new bartender, a member of the Emerenciana family.

In August, Tropical Rancho will be open five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday from 9 pm – 3 am.

Anthony Emerenciana

This is not the only anniversary that Anthony Emerenciana, owner of Tropical Rancho, celebrates this year. He will celebrate his 20th anniversary working for the island Government as a civil servant in the R&O department (space management and development), LVV.

After Anthony finished school on the island, he left for the Netherlands to further his education by studying agriculture and management. After his successful studies, he came back to the island sure that he wanted to spend his life on Bonaire. After six months of waiting, Anthony was hired for a position at the LVV as a civil servant, exactly the employment he had wished for.

With his family history, of owning one of the biggest kunukus (farms), Punta Blanku, and his agricultural studies, the department in charge of public spaces and outdoor public services was an ideal choice.

Always an outdoor kind of guy, Anthony has been fighting lupus for several years. The chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body) had been under control until last year when, in 2015, a severe outbreak brought him an emergency visit to Colombia. After 6 months of recuperation, Anthony feels much better, even though he can’t go outdoors anymore and has had to adjust his work due to his illness. Anthony is very positive and looks forward to all the changes and excitement to come this year.


This year the family owned farm, Punta Blanku, will expand and modernize its poultry farm. Anthony, with his great knowledge of agriculture, is a big part in the planning and organization of this project, which is also planned to be completed in August of this year.

In September of this year, Anthony will celebrate his 20th year of serving Bonaire at the LVV.

The Tropical Rancho make over will take place and will be ready in August of this year. Open the same hours, now the opening days will change from 2 to 5 days, Wednesday to Sunday. In December, 2016, Tropical Rancho will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Check out the Facebook page, Tropical Rancho Bonaire, or the Xp Bonaire Events updates page to see what is to come at the local Bar &Disco.


Tropical Rancho

Kaya Hermandat 1 (Hofi Playa)

Facebook: Tropical Rancho Bonaire

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