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News @ Sebastian’s

Sebastian’s opened its doors at the beginning of September, 2013. Located on the oceanfront, the restaurant has always been one of the favorite dinner spots on the island, even in the days when it was called Richard’s. Since owner Sebastian took over in 2013, the consistent quality of food and service has made it one of the most popular restaurants on Bonaire.

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To have consistent quality as a goal can be a challenge on Bonaire. Therefore, Sebastian, owner and head chef, is happy to have Janos Aan Vermaat, second in command, in his kitchen.

Janos came to the island about one year ago. Having worked in the hospitality industry since age 17, he has built up quite a portfolio. Leaving his parents’ home in Groningen at only 17, Janos needed immediate employment in order to pay his bills. He was able to work at Center Parcs and starting as an assistant cook, he rapidly climbed the ladder and became head chef.

Reach for the stars

After such a successful start, Janos decided to continue and further his career and began studies in hospitality management. Because of his great work experience, he was able to choose his own internship. Janos reached for the stars and choose an internship at De Librije, the second restaurant in the Netherlands to be awarded three Michelin stars. After successfully finishing his studies, he was offered employment at the three star restaurant.

At De Librije, he discovered his passion for pastry. After 4 years at this unique restaurant, he decided he would learn more by changing restaurants and took on a new challenge as pastry chef at the one star restaurant at the Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam.

For almost 1 year, Janos worked at several places before he started his own restaurant in a beautiful castle location. But destiny stepped in and when he discovered his financial partner was not to be trusted, it was time for him to leave the country.

Janos always wanted to live in a different country, so when the opportunity arose to become head chef at a beautiful beachfront resort on Bonaire, he didn’t hesitate. Shortly after he arrived, it became clear that his views differed too much from the owners to continue their working relationship and he became part of the Sebastian’s team about 10 months ago.

Precious & Sweet

Accustomed to the European working style and mentality, he feels more comfortable and loves the view of the Caribbean Sea from his “office”. While his work day starts in the early afternoon, Janos has plenty of time to keep himself busy with his passion – sweets.

XpBonaire, Bonaire News and Information, Island people, Sebastians Restaurant, Events, Entertainment, Dining, Bar

Janos’ new company, Bonbons Bonaire, has been established and the bonbons are available at Sebastian’s right now. When he discovered that the island had no patisserie, he started working on solving the climate problem, which makes it difficult to keep up the quality of bonbons in this region. Working together with a climate control specialist, he received a custom made, climate controlled cooler for his precious little treats.

BonBons Bonaire has its own sales location in the Bonaire Mall at Kaya Grandi 24.

Janos creates crazy and fun ice creams, like black pepper or pina colada, and a special line of pastries.

Try these beautiful pieces of art as a dessert, or coffee treat, at Sebastian’s or take them home. One box is filled with eight heavenly treats in varieties to make your mouth water:

Caramelized lime with dark chocolate. A Snickers bar bonbon made from scratch with white chocolate. Coconut bonbon with white chocolate and passion fruit. Coffee with milk chocolate.

Sebastian’s Club Night

As an extension to its regular dinner nights, Sebastian’s introduced their first edition of Club Nights at the end of May, 2016 and the 2nd edition will take place at July 30, 2016.

XpBonaire, Bonaire News and Information, Island people, Sebastians Restaurant, Events, Entertainment, Dining, Bar

With a live DJ, lounge areas and the great bar, it is a new addition to Bonaire’s existing nightlife. It gives you the opportunity to get dressed up and go out in a beautiful and sophisticated location right at the ocean. Of course, you will have the chance to eat all different kinds of finger food with your drink of choice. The house brand champagne will be served at a reduced price on these nights and is wonderful when combined with little treats, like chocolate or fresh oysters. The finger foods are specially developed for these nights and will be a surprise each Club Night to come - every last Saturday of the month.

BonBons Bonaire

Kaya Grandi 24


701 0708

Sebastian’s Restaurant

J. A. Abraham Blvd. 60



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