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Work Continues on Hato Rotunda Beautification Project – May 2018

Press Release Fundashon Bunita Boneiru

After a few months pause, work on the Hato Rotunda art project is underway once again with a target finish date of July 2018. The busy Rotunda is at the beginning of a long hotel strip and a place right in front of the biggest sponsors and initiators of this project: Sand Dollar Condominiums, Den Laman Condominiums, Dive Friends Bonaire and MCB Bonaire.

Stichting Bunita Boneiru adopted the rotunda with the intention to beautify it with artist/sculptor Mark J. Ansier’s monumental sculpture of an underwater scene and diver.

Clean op – Reduce Waste – Recycle – Create Art

An Island wide clean-up was initiated to reduce waste through the collection of discarded metals. These metals will be recycled and being sculpted into a coral garden, turtles, sting rays and tropical fish with a figure of a diver as the centerpiece. There surrounding garden has been specifically designed with “donkey and goat proof” plants. The garden incorporates recycled crushed glass bottles to evoke the sparkling waves of Bonaire. Yellow Bonaire Rocks from supporters will be integrated throughout.

Unfortunate delays

As can happen with every project, the foundation was faced with considerable challenges. The necessary tools did not arrive on Bonaire in time for the work to be completed before the busy high season for both the initiators and the artist. Then, someone caused severely damaged to most of the work in progress. It was a disappointing financial setback that unfortunately did not help with the appearance of the rotunda, but now work is back on track!

A beautiful dream

It is the dream of Bunita Boneiru to create something beautiful out of debris, something that is financed and created by and for Bonaire. To achieve the goal of improving Bonaire, community support is needed in the form of funding, knowledge and hands. It is easy to judge, but it is a lot better to help and be proud of a community creation. So far, a significant portion of the funding has come from enthusiastic tourists. It is the sincere hope of Bunita Boneiru that the people, schools and businesses on Bonaire will catch that enthusiasm as well and help to build this piece of recycled Bonairian art. Bunita Boneiru is a project by and for Bonaire that everyone can be proud of: ‘Boneiru nos Orguyo’.

Your support is very welcome!

Anyone wishing to support the project can purchase a commemorative yellow rock in the style of the famous Bonaire dive site for the garden. For as little as $25, donors can support the project by purchasing a dive rock with a personalized inscription by local artist Germaine Nijdam. This is the perfect opportunity for Bonaire visitors to become a part of the beauty of Bonaire for generations to come. It’s also a thoughtful gift for someone who loves the island, celebrate an anniversary or a way to honor a departed loved one.


The initiating and main sponsors of the project are Sand Dollar Condominiums, Den Laman Condominiums, MCB Bonaire and Dive Friends Bonaire in cooperation with IVA, ‘Boneiru Nos Orguyo’. Other businesses are invited to support the project by sponsorship. All the costs involved for the artist and the making of the sculpture will be covered by the main sponsors. However, there are more costs involved so funds are needed to finish and maintain the project. The Foundation will be initiating several fundraising projects, both online and on island. Bonaire residents and visitors will have ample opportunity to support this unique program. Those interested can keep up with the progress on the Fundashion Bunita Boneiru Facebook page or email

Donations can be made to:

Bonaire (Bank Transfer)

Stichting Bunita Boneiru

MCB bankaccount number 413.683.07

Reference: 'HATO Rotunde'

International (Pay Pal)

Via the following website:

For more information:


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