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Unnecessarily high costs due to WEB policy

Press Release Unkobon

The new tariff system for electricity provides a much higher bill for many households from the book month of May onwards. This may have to do with a high fixed usage rate (gebruikstarief). For homes, that rate is normally $ 20.83 per month, but in some cases the amount on the WEB invoice is much higher.

The fixed usage rate depends on the connection capacity of the house. Up to a connection capacity of 3x35 amps, the fixed rate for the months of April and May is $20.83. This will be $28 per June 1st. In the past, homes were often provided with a much too heavy connection capacity. That did not matter in the costs then, but now it does. They now receive bills with a high fixed rate of $ 53.98 or even of $ 90.91 for connections of 3x50A or 3x63A. As of 1 June, this will be even higher: $ 60.81 and $ 102.42. It is therefore important to reduce the connection capacity quickly.

On Bonaire, WEB unnecessarily causes high costs the consumer to adjust the connection. If the home has a main fuse of more than 3x35 amps, WEB will only reduce the connection capacity if the customers:

4. engage a registered installer to adjust the electrical installation; 5. have a re-inspection done on the part of the installation that has been modified. The values ​​on the inspection card must correspond to the values ​​of the devices in the home; 6. once the re-inspection is complete, the customer can contact WEB with the new inspection card and WEB will adjust it administratively and technically. Only then will the lower fixed usage rate apply

The whole process costs the customer hundreds of dollars, while WEB could also suffice with placing smaller WEB fuses to reduce the connection capacity. This does not have to cost the customer a lot and if the WEB fuses burn out, it is the customer who is bothered by it and the larger connection capacity can always be restored.

On Saba and in the European part of the Netherlands, too heavy a connection can be reduced on request without formalities. Unkobon wonders why that would not be possible on Bonaire and asked WEB on 27 June to adjust the policy. WEB has not yet responded to this.

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