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We are expecting a new law in 2021, regarding sunscreen products containing chemicals such as oxybenzone that will be banned on Bonaire. It has been proven that oxybenzone, among several others, harms living coral and excess amounts in the ocean leads to coral bleaching and the death of our reefs.

Sun protection is very important for skin health and it is the number one anti-aging aid. Since the health of our reefs concerns the whole world and the pollution of our oceans is manmade, more and more companies now understand the need for more variety in coral safe sun products. Even though some products are called coral safe, reef friendly, etc., it doesn’t mean they are or that they might contain other harmful ingredients.

On Bonaire the company, Tropical Nature, offers an alternative that considers both, our environment and your skin health, with 100% natural skin care products, MADE ON BONAIRE.

Made on Bonaire

Dorian Crespo, the founder and owner of the Bonairean Company, Tropical Nature, was born in Ecuador, like her husband, Francisco, who first came to Bonaire in 2008.

Dorian studied to be a beautician in Ecuador and discovered for herself that all natural skin care is the better choice. When the couple became permanent residents of Bonaire and parents to their long awaited children, the business idea became reality.

100% Natural

Dorian’s love for the island and her children eventually developed into a skin care and sun protection product that wouldn’t harm the environment, nor her children’s health. After many experiments, she finally developed the perfect recipes for her skin care line.

The 100% natural, and even vegan options contain sun care, a shampoo bar, deodorant, lip balm and more.

Dorian also paid attention to the packaging of these products to be both biodegradable and sustainable.

Awareness Campaign

With her company, Dorian has started an awareness campaign to inform and educate visitors, guests and residents alike why sun cream can protect our skin without damaging our environment and how the products currently being used are a threat to our reefs.

Sun Protection

The sun protection products consist of a SPF 40 sun cream and a SPF 15 lip balm including a vegan option without beeswax. The active ingredients are non-nano zinc and titanium, which Tropical Nature reports was approved by STINAPA.

The sun products also contain natural oils to moisturize and hydrate your skin and have no added fragrances.

What you need to know

SPF 40 is the highest natural protection factor.

Sun protection needs to be re-applied every 2 hours, no matter the product or the SPF.

Spray is more harmful to the environment.

Chemicals are not only harmful to coral, but might also harm your own health.

New products to come

You will find the complete line of Tropical Nature among the other sunscreens in the DA Drugstore and at Warehouse, Van den Tweel and in some dive shops.

Dorian is busy developing more products for the future even including some beauty products. Follow Tropical Nature on Facebook.


Tropical Nature

Instagram @ tropical_nature_bonaire

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