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Press Release TCB

Every year Tourism Day is celebrated worldwide on September 27.

Related to this, Tourism Corporation Bonaire, introduced a new book with valuable information about tourism to all elementary schools on the island.

This book is part of the strategic plan from TCB, which will teach our kids from young how to be more conscious about the importance of tourism, and for them to become more curious about the work opportunities in tourism on Bonaire. The tourism industry is very valuable for our island and the community of Bonaire. In reality, tourism is the main pillar of Bonaire's economy. The book ‘Turismo na Boneiru’ is for our elementary school kids between the ages of 8 and 12.

Friday, September 27th, Business Manager Ms. Marjolein Oleana, Marketing Manager Mrs. Derchlien Vrolijk, Interim Director of TCB, Mr. Delno Tromp together with Commissioner of Tourism Mr. Elvis Tjin Asjoe and author/editor of the book ‘Turismo na Boneiru’ visited a few elementary schools to give away this educational book.

The book is written in Papiamentu by the author Denise de Jongh-Rekwest and published by her company Request Publishing. Denise has studied tourism and has worked in this branch for many years both in the Caribbean as in Europe.

The book is a colorful with beautiful illustrations and valuable information about Bonaire. Some of the topics covered in this book are What is tourism, Why is tourism important for Bonaire, Work in tourism, Maintain Bonaire clean.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire would like to thank everyone who made this project possible especially EZ AIR. TCB would like to encourage the elementary school kids and teachers to make great use of this important book.

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