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Sweet Tooth - BonBons Bonaire

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Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world and this is also the case on Bonaire. Luckily, we have a new option for a special, sweet gift that is more or less a must for Valentine’s Day - BonBons Bonaire, a pastry shop with homemade pralines, cakes, desserts and now even more!

On the 15th of November, 2019, BonBons Bonaire opened its doors to the public. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm, the opening hours may vary since the staff still is in training and hard to find. To give good service, the staff needs to learn all about the ingredients being used in order to advise you on dietary or allergy needs or your specific taste preferences.

Janos Aan Vermaat, owner of BonBons Bonaire, decided to open the shop due to the great demand in the retail market. BonBons Bonaire has existed for several years and made its name through hotels and restaurants who ordered their own unique and custom made desserts, pralines or cake.

Of course, as a company you can continue ordering your special sweets, but now everyone can enjoy a piece of art with the best ingredients and special flavors.

The owner

Janos, who works during the evening hours as a chef at the restaurant, Sebastian’s, is used to working all day long and decided that he wanted to work on his own company during the day. Before Janos came to the island, he worked in the most exclusive Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands and learned his trade, especially pastry, from the best in the field.

Different from savory foods, pastry needs your attention with exact measurements and techniques in order to end up a winner. This is a reason why Janos favors pastry over regular cooking where ingredients vary every time you prepare it.


Besides the well-known cakes and bonbons, the pastry shop now offers a wider assortment.

Breakfast line

If you have gotten accustomed to the Dutch habit of putting chocolate sprinkles on your bread and you love it, try the homemade dark chocolate sprinkle or try the chocolate paste, pistachio paste or the lemon curd.

Tea line

While in the Netherlands searching for new pastry items, Janos found a tea producer whose quality and assortment he found suitable for Bonaire. You will find different flavors of high quality tea leaves, beautiful tea glasses, hourglasses and wooden tea boards to place the tea containers on.

Ice cream

BonBons homemade magnum ice creams are now available in the shop. Shaped like a magnum ice cream, the taste is very different with passion fruit, strawberries and cream and virgin mojito. BonBons works with local fresh ingredients.

Your favorite sweets homemade

Janos is working on different items that will be consistently available in the shop like apple pie, homemade marshmallows and cookies. Pass by the shop to see the new additions and the expanding the assortment.

Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th

Of course, this is not the only day you should celebrate the people you love the most, but it’s a day that makes you aware to appreciate your loved ones. BonBons have been a Valentine’s gift for ages, but what you select will make the difference. You can find all kinds of sweets in the supermarket, but the quality ingredients, the work, the passion and the love that goes into a real, exclusive pastry or chocolate makes all the difference and will make your loved ones feel special.

For all holidays, BonBons will create special treats for those festive days. For this Valentine’s Day, you will find:

Love pillows

Chocolate filled with passion fruit and cardamom

Or Champagne, strawberry and cardamom

For the one who likes something different, try the spicy heart filled with strawberry and Mexican spices.

Order 24 hours to up to 2 weeks in advance

You can order any combination for your custom made cake, dessert or praline - color, style and flavor. The price will vary depending upon whether the ingredients need to be flown in or are available on the island. When ordering a special wedding cake with fresh flowers and other unique details, you need to order it at least 2 weeks in advance. Do you have an emergency order? Janos will make it possible if you are willing to pay for it, as it might mean that the staff have to put in an extra night shift to complete your order.

Prices for Pralines start at $1 each and come in a nice box and can be wrapped as a gift. Cakes start at $12.50 per person, but this is just an average and might be different in every case.

Check Facebook for updates, give them a call or pass by.


BonBons Bonaire

Kaya J.C. van der Ree 2B

Phone +599 701 07 08

Facebook: BonBons Bonaire

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