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Spoil Yourself

COLLAB Viv's Beauty & XpBonaire

Viv’s Beauty has a lot of new products and treatments especially for all you ladies out there! It’s always nice to have an excuse to buy yourself, or somebody else, a little something. What about a customized facial?

Enjoy an experience that is specifically designed to pamper your skin. Every facial is custom-designed to deep cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and purify your skin with products by Dr. Eckstein. It truly is an indulgence. After your facial, you can purchase matching products to maintain your skin. The special face balsam is perfect to use here on the island. It’s a mixture of a serum and a daily face cream that is very light to make sure your skin can breathe without sweat.

As your Brow & Lash Specialist on the island, Viv’s Beauty has your back girl! With a Master Class Certificate in one-by-one Eyelash Extensions, your lashes have never looked better! Lash products are also available to make sure your lashes keep looking great after your treatment. There is a new coating to protect your extensions which contains nutrients that help to strengthen the eyelashes so they will grow and the coating doesn’t damage the natural lashes or the extensions. You can use this by itself or in combination with a new foam cleanser and brush to make sure your extensions will last longer and stay clean with all the salt sea water, dust and sand. If eyelash extensions are not your cup of tea, then maybe the Lash Lift Treatment is! This can be used in combination with the new Growth Serum that makes your natural lashes thicker and longer.

And last, but not least, there’s a customized Eyebrow Kit to purchase after your Eyebrow Treatment to make sure you can keep your brows in shape for a long time!

You wish but you can’t… DIY

We all know the empty wallet feeling, but no worries. If you can’t afford professional treatment right now, you can still help your lashes by protecting and conditioning those eye sparklers with oils and gels that keep your lashes healthy.

Coconut oil has been shown to prevent protein loss in hair. Castor oil has been shown to induce brow and lash hair growth. Mixing both oils with aloe Vera gel can become your homemade lash serum.

Make sure your skin is free of any dirt or makeup before you apply at night. Then carefully use an applicator, like a clean cotton swab, to lightly coat your lash line. Be sure not to get any oil in your eye and always wash your face in the morning before applying any makeup.

So make sure to spoil yourself, or your loved one, because you deserve it!

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