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Single use plastics survey at Taste of Bonaire

Press Release

Fundashon Limpi i Bunita, Clean Coast Bonaire and Boneiru Duradero (BD) have joined forces to conduct a survey about single use plastics at TCB’s Taste of Bonaire on August 1st. The organizers of the survey hope that visitors of this festive event are willing to take part in a 2-minute survey about plastics.

Participants in the survey will be asked 6 easy questions and will receive a FREE re-usable bag as a thank you for their cooperation. BD is interested to know if inhabitants on Bonaire are informed about the government’s intention to ban single use plastics in the near future. Participants are also asked which plastic items they would like to ban and if they separate plastics from other household waste.

Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire (OLB) is in the process of developing a legislative ban on single use plastics. Bonaire has adopted a motion to ban single use plastics in 2018, and in 2019 a declaration of intent was signed by Deputy James Kroon and the Dutch Minister of Environment, Stientje van Veldhoven.

In 2019, Boneiru Duradero collaborated with OLB to organize stakeholder meetings with the private sector regarding how Bonaire can move “Beyond Plastics.” These meetings revealed that there is broad support for a single use plastic ban among local businesses on Bonaire. However, it is also important to learn if everyday people on Bonaire are aware of the importance of plastic reduction.

The single use plastic survey will be made available online through the Facebook pages of Boneiru Duradero, Clean Coast Bonaire and Selibon. The organizers are thankful to Tourism Corporation Bonaire for their cooperation. Boneiru Duradero and Clean Coast Bonaire are both funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands.

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