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Sharks are protected in Bonaire’s marine park

Press Release STINAPA

Stinapa has noticed that sharks are still being fished. From 10-10-10 sharks are protected by law in Bonairean waters.

Stinapa has received information that sharks are still being fished in Bonairean waters today. Stinapa wants to point out that sharks are legally protected and it is strictly forbidden to fish and / or buy sharks and manta rays. All species of sharks and mantas in Bonerian waters are protected species by local and international laws.

The reason for this global protection is because they are threatened with extinction. This is mainly due to industrial overfishing in which the sharks are caught altogether for their fins and then thrown back into the water and then die. The shark is a very important species that keeps marine life in balance and health. With the destruction of the population, we are also destroying the ocean and our eco-system that we live on. Stinapa would like to point out once again that it is against the law to fish and / or sell for sharks.

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