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Saturday, the 7th of April - Krusada Open Day 2018

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The Open Day at Krusada has become an annual event for the last several years.

At this yearly event, you can personally see and experience the different projects and activities Krusada has developed in cooperation with other island institutions to improve the situation of many of our fellow citizens. This year the Open Day will take place on Saturday, the 7th of April.

Foundation Krusada

What started in 1999, as a rehabilitation center for men who struggled with addiction has developed into much more and is now a needed addition in the fight against addiction, crime and social inequalities as well as a positive development for the old and young who are struggling on the island and beyond.

In the last several years, Krusada has become more involved in the community’s efforts to grow and develop in a healthy way. Also, their efforts to make their products attractive to people are a good foundation to continue their projects and involve many clients.

Open Day 2018


The open day will take place between 9 am through 3 pm in the afternoon.


Various tours in Papiamentu, English, Dutch and Spanish will be available to acquaint you with all the activities and projects taking place at Krusada on a daily basis.


Sport activities will take place and kids’ bouncers will be available for the youngsters.


A local band will create a festive atmosphere on this special day.


Of course, food and drinks will be available. The BBQ has become a tradition, but this year many of their own homegrown products will be prepared and cooked to showcase Krusada’s latest developments in their kitchen and greenhouse projects.


In the Shop you will see a variety of hand crafted items for sale, all produced in the Krusada workshops.

Jewelry, furniture, plants, vegetable, herbs and greenhouses are just a few of the things available at the shop.


Through all its projects, Foundation Krusada is trying to create new chances for their clients’ future and to create income to sustain the various projects and to develop new ideas independent from funding as much as possible.

Of course, any help you are willing to provide is always welcome.

Materials, physical help, know-how and financial support are always welcome and can be discussed with Junny Josephina, the Director of Krusada.

Krusada Main projects

- Antriol walk-in

- Greenhouses

- Carpentry/wood workshop

- Detention assistance

- Kitchen

- Beading Workshop

Mark the Date

Mark the date, Saturday, the 7th of April in your calendar and join the Open Day to make yourself familiar with Krusada.

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