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Restaurant Review - Tandoor Palace

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We recently had the pleasure of dining at Tandoor Palace, the new Indian restaurant that has finally opened its doors on Bonaire. It's not just a new restaurant; it's a new culinary experience for the island. The place is situated at Kaya Grandi 67, just across from Scooters Bonaire.

 The restaurant is a family affair, run by Chandru Kundnani and his son, Mohit Kandnani. Mohit, despite his youth and recent graduation from school, is already making a name for himself as a restaurant owner. The lack of prior experience in the restaurant business doesn't seem to be an issue because Mohit is incredibly passionate, friendly, and enthusiastic about providing excellent service. 

We chose to sit on the terrace, which was a bit smaller than the well-air-conditioned interior, but cozy, nonetheless. The tables weren't very spacious, but the chairs were comfortable, so we were perfectly content. After ordering our drinks, we looked at the extensive menu, which initially overwhelmed us. Twelve pages filled with dishes – that's quite a variety! But it's all in line with the "Palace" in the restaurant's name. Mohit clearly aims to ensure there's something delicious for everyone. The menu boasts a wide range of curries, tandoori dishes, tikka, kebabs, and, of course, freshly baked naan – cooked in the traditional clay oven with charcoal, where the naan sticks to the oven's wall and the meat is cooked over the fire. They also offer plenty of vegetarian options. One notable difference from traditional Indian cuisine is that they serve beef.


Owners recommendation

Unable to decide, we let Mohit choose dishes for us to experience his cuisine the way he intended. You might expect an array of expensive dishes, but that wasn't the case at all. Mohit modestly recommended the Tandoor Mix platter, accompanied by a Chicken Masala. The platter featured shrimp, chicken kebabs, the catch of the day, chicken thighs, and a mint-based sauce. The temperature was slightly on the low side, but the flavors were outstanding. On request, we were served some pica, a spicy condiment, in both a spicy and milder variant, made from Kashmiri chili. Conversation nearly halted as we dug into our meals – it was simply delicious. The fresh naan bread, chicken masala, and the diverse flavors of the mixed platter created a small feast at our table.

Our Conclusion  

We were already in agreement that Tandoor Palace is a fantastic addition to the island. While it's close to a busy road, the old saying holds true here: if your product is good, people will find you and keep coming back. We finished our meal with Gulab Jamun, deep-fried dough balls in sugar syrup. Simple, yet incredibly tasty. Tandoor Palace is highly recommended. It's easily accessible with ample parking space, and the Kandnani family's clear aim is to provide delicious food at a very reasonable price.


Tandoor Palace's atmosphere is inviting and cozy. The warm interior is beautifully decorated, with Indian-themed decor that adds to the overall experience. The staff is attentive and helpful, and Mohit's hands-on approach to service makes the dining experience even more enjoyable. He's more than happy to answer questions and provide recommendations for those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine.


One thing to note is that Tandoor Palace offers a variety of drinks, including Indian beers and a selection of wines that pair perfectly with their dishes. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or someone looking for a refreshing beer, you won't be disappointed with the beverage options.

Opening Hours

Tandoor Palace is open for both lunch and dinner, making it a versatile choice for a midday meal or an evening dining experience. This flexibility is a great feature, especially for locals and tourists looking for a taste of Indian cuisine at various times of the day. However, please keep in mind that Tandoor Palace is closed on Wednesdays, so plan your visit accordingly.

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