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Drommel- Transforming Caribbean Housing with Innovation and Community Focus

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

A new approach to housing is taking root. Drommel is leading the charge with its innovative and sustainable prefab housing solutions, aiming to redefine the way homes are built across the islands. At the core of Drommel's success are three key individuals: Mark Veldhuizen, Niels Hogeveen, and Thirza Rojer. 


Designer & Founder, Mark Veldhuizen, the brain behind Drommel's building systems, brings a wealth of experience to the table. His journey began as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands, later taking him to China in pursuit of production innovations. Mark's vision for Drommel emerged from a desire to address the Caribbean's housing challenges with practical solutions. His prefab construction method emphasizes efficiency, affordability, and sustainability, reflecting his commitment to making quality homes accessible to all.


Niels Hogeveen, Drommel's Operations Manager and Shareholder, is instrumental in turning Mark's vision into reality. With a background in construction, Niels ensures that Drommel's projects are executed with precision and excellence. His attention to detail and proactive networking have strengthened Drommel's operations, fostering trust and collaboration within the communities they serve. Niels, who lives on Bonaire for 18 years, plays a vital role in bridging the gap between vision and execution, ensuring that Drommel's projects meet expectations.


Thirza Rojer, the face of Drommel's sales and public relations, brings a unique perspective to the team. Born in Curaçao and well-versed in the Caribbean's diverse cultures, Thirza embodies the spirit of community engagement. Her role goes beyond selling homes; she resonates with the local heritage and lifestyle. Thirza's deep connections within the community ensure that Drommel's projects are not just buildings but homes that reflect the essence of Caribbean living.


What sets Drommel apart is its commitment to transparency and community involvement. From the outset, Drommel prioritizes open communication and collaboration, ensuring that clients are fully informed about costs and processes. This transparent approach fosters trust and long-term relationships, essential for sustainable growth.

Drommel's innovative prefab construction system is designed to empower local communities. By simplifying the building process, Drommel makes quality housing accessible to a wider audience. Their approach accelerates project timelines and makes it overall more cost effective.

In Drommel's prefab housing solutions, everything from doors, kitchen fixtures, windows, and sanitary facilities can be included. These components can be seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring a complete and functional living space for residents. Drommel's approach to prefab housing emphasizes convenience and efficiency, with all necessary elements incorporated into the construction process.

Drommel collaborates closely with local construction companies on the island they operate. Rather than competing with existing builders, Drommel sees them as partners in their mission to provide sustainable housing solutions. By sharing their prefab construction system, knowledge, and expertise, they enhance the capabilities of local construction companies


Overall, Drommel's prefab housing system offers a faster, more cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods, making quality housing accessible to more people.


As Drommel is active on Curaçao, Columbia, Suriname, Florida and continues to expand its reach across the Caribbean, its message remains clear: everyone deserves a place to call home. With Mark's innovative designs, Niels' operational expertise, and Thirza's community engagement, Drommel is paving the way for a brighter future in Caribbean housing.




Drommel Bonaire

Website :

Facebook: drommelbvbonaire

Instagram : drommelbv

Kaya Industria 35, Kralendijk

+599 701 0066

Opening Hours

Mon- Fri: 8am- 4pm | Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: Closed


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