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Restaurant Review - Restaurant Grandi Wine & Food

XpBonaire Feature Story

Restaurant Grandi, wine bar and restaurant, located in the middle of the main shopping street in Kaya Grandi is well known as the former Italian restaurant, La Terrazza.

In December, 2021, the new Restaurant Grandi opened its door with a new rooftop covering the open-air terrace of the restaurant, a beautiful wine cellar for their expanded Italian wine selection and a beautiful furnished semi indoors dining area. We chose to sit on the open-air terrace overlooking the shopping street.

In recent months, the restaurants on Bonaire have been under pressure. With many visitors on the island; ever changing covid regulations and being short of staff, most restaurants are fully booked days in advanced and it is hard to give the best service. We took those circumstances into account and appreciate their hospitality.

Restaurant Grandi offers a surprise menu with mostly Italian cuisine-based courses. The small courses are served one by one and you can inform the staff when you are ready for your last course. Until then, you will be served different courses, from carpaccios, soups, pastas, meat and fish to desserts. The staff will ask you if there any allergies or ingredients that you don’t like to eat and anything else is up to the chef so you can sit back and enjoy.

For the wine, you can walk through the wine cellar and select your own wine or chose a wine pairing to your food.

The small courses are served one by one, the plating is aesthetically pleasing and the combinations are delicate and tasteful.

Since the concept is a surprise menu, it will change with every visit. Our dinner might give you an impression of what to expect.

- Beetroot mousse with dark chocolate, pine nuts and goat cheese

- Scallop carpaccio served with a passionfruit puree and pine nuts

- Chilled tomato soup with prosciutto ham and two kinds of melon

- Picanha (Brazilian's favorite cut of beef) with roasted chicory and potato gratin

Our overall impression of the night

To honor the honest review, we have to say that due to the corona regulations the opening hours for the hospitality were very difficult to handle. The limited time available made it difficult to fully enjoy this dining concept and our final meat dish arrived a little too cold which was disappointing, but clearly circumstantial.

The service was very friendly and attentive. The dinner is a night filling experience and we wouldn’t recommend it to someone with a big appetite and the preference for a quick, filling meal. But for those who enjoy surprising taste combinations, light balanced food and a night of dining, this might be the place for you.


Restaurant Grandi

Kaya Grandi 7

Phone: +599 786 7777

Opening hours

Mo- Fri - lunch & dinner

Noon- 10 pm

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