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Restaurant Review Ocean Oasis Fish and Meat Market

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Ocean Oasis - open since 2019, now a household name on Bonaire, and located next to the hotel Esmeralda on EEG Boulevard that was once started by Pablo Escobar, but never finished, is one of the largest and hippest beach clubs on the island.

The grand wooden structure with its tasteful interior, trendy detailing and plenty of beautiful palm trees right next to the Caribbean Sea, creates a breathtaking and very relaxing beach atmosphere.

In October 2022, the popular club changed hands, so it is a good time for us to book a table again. Upon entering we were immediately welcomed by a friendly hostess and almost immediately afterwards by one of the new owners, David Landman. Ocean Oasis offers different areas - smoking, lounge, bar, restaurant and beach. Since we both smoke, we chose a smokers’ table in the restaurant. The different seating choices are ideal for lunch, dinner or just a pleasant day or evening of drinks. And not only that, every Friday there is a happy hour as we were used to on Bonaire, busy and a great atmosphere. In short, whichever table you sit at, it is always a cozy and comfortable place. What immediately strikes us is that the new owners have considerably expanded in terms of seating and beach beds. Appearances may be deceiving, but it looks more spacious and bigger. In our opinion, it has also become more of one unit, making Ocean Oasis even more beautiful than it was previously.

Sunday’s Meat and Fish Market On Sundays Ocean Oasis offers a Fish and Meat Market on the beach. The friendly lady who came to take our drinks broadly explained the concept but added that as soon as it was our turn, we would be met by a colleague who would explain in detail how to proceed. We were escorted to the buffet where the selection of fish and meat was beautifully presented with everything neatly on ice, and hygienically separated with each type of meat or fish labeled with the product and the price. This way everyone can put together the desired dish and can also decide for themselves what you want to spend on your food. According to our wishes, a plate was put together with the desired amount and preparation. Our lobster, hanging tender picanha, red snapper, and a Caribbean cod were ready to be cooked on one of the wood fires. Of course, we also chose fresh oysters because we just couldn’t ignore those. Meanwhile, our drinks were regularly taken care of, and we enjoyed a nice cocktail, glass of wine and a digestive. It was striking to watch behind the buffet where the preparations went like a well-oiled machine. About 20 minutes later our oysters were brought with a relish and soon after our selection was served directly from the barbecue to our table. Given the amount, we might have been a bit too greedy, but that happens easily when all the delicious products are beautifully presented for you to choose. Both the meat and fish were excellently prepared and served with sauces. If there was anything to criticize, it would be the sauces. With a presentation and organization such as this buffet, we would have liked something more spectacular or more choices. I can be brief about the quality of the meat and fish, which was fresh, tender, beautiful and prepared exactly to our liking. Barbecue in a new style with an Ocean Oasis twist. As I said, we ordered maybe a little too much so there was only room left for one dessert. Our choice, a deconstructed tiramisu with two spoons, delicious and beautifully plated, as you would expect from a restaurant like this. A feast for both the eyes and the mouth. Our conclusion If you're expecting a bargain, this may not be the place. If you want a nice evening out with good food, a nice Caribbean ambiance, and very friendly and knowledgeable staff who have a good understanding of how a successful culinary evening should go, Ocean Oasis Beach Club might be the right place for you.

INFO Open hours 7 Days a week Breakfast 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Lunch 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm Dinner 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Snacks 11:00 am -10:00 pm Every Sunday Fish & Meat Market Phone: +599 701 4440 260 EEG Boulevard

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