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Restaurant Review – It Rains Fishes

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

If a restaurant is already good, can a new owner improve it? This question was central to our review. It Rains Fishes, one of the oldest restaurants on Bonaire, was taken over by Persia Rakers, Raoul Lamers and Marcel Faas in November, 2022.

This trio has been on Bonaire for 8 years and in that time has already shown, at Lac Baai and the beach restaurant of Sorobon, that good food in a nice ambiance is their trademark. Raoul in the kitchen, Marcel in the restaurant and Persia as hostess is a combination that may have "finally" landed in the right place. It Rains Fishes, on the boulevard at Kaya J. N. E. Craane 24, was already known as one of the better restaurants on Bonaire, so it's up to them to maintain that name, or maybe even improve it. Therefore, our expectations were high. So high that, despite the threat of rain, we settled for a reserved spot in the open air. At the very warm reception, an attempt was made to create a place inside, but the restaurant was clearly completely full. This was positive for our review because we could watch from the sidelines and see that the evening went like a well-oiled machine. And let's face it, that's admirable for a partially new team that had barely been running for a week. We also had nothing to complain about the attention of the friendly and helpful service. Our drinks were quickly on the table and we could immediately make a choice from the renewed menu. We opt for the special of 3 courses and also make an a la carte choice.

Appetizers Given that the restaurant is fully booked, the starters are in front of us fairly quickly, from which we can conclude that the team in the kitchen has already found its place. Carpaccio of smoked wahoo (special) and a Vitello tonnato. The wahoo was sliced paper thin into translucent, glasslike slices, beautifully presented and very tasty.

The veal fillet, prepared sous vide, was also nicely sliced and buttery soft. The whole, accompanied by capers, tuna mayonnaise and diced tuna was a very pleasant start to the dinner.

Main Courses The main course of the special was Dorado with a lobster sauce. We also chose the duck breast. The Dorado was well cooked and exactly as you would expect from a good restaurant, but then the duck breast! It's not often that we fight for the last piece of meat, but this time we really had to draw lots. Rarely have we eaten such a delicious duck breast. Served on a bed of baked apple with calvados, this perfectly cooked masterpiece from Raoul's kitchen was a dish to come back for. We have not been able to find out what the secret is, but it is clear that it has to do with craftsmanship and passion.

Is there nothing to fault at all? Yes, the fries were a bit on the soft side. But hey, as the Dutch saying goes, “as the crooked stone in every synagogue, because perfection does not belong to man”.

Dessert We close with a Frangelico creme brulee from the special menu and a trifle. It has been a while since we ate a creme brulee with a sugar coating of the right thickness. Crème Brulee professionados understand the perfect layer of caramelized sugar that, when with just a little hit by your spoon, the sugar layer makes a satisfying crackling noise. It was wonderfully creamy and delicate in taste and, as we both like, not too sweet. The trifle is a dessert from the English kitchen and literally means “nobody”. Many variations are possible with cake, cream and fruit as main ingredients. So what can you say about the trifle with a twist? Just nice! We enjoyed this tasteful a very reasonably priced evening. Do we think the “new” It Rains Fishes is as good, or even improved, as the previous? PLUS The service and continuous attention was very warm and friendly. The food is well prepared with solid and flavorful combinations and nice plating. Reasonable pricing. We surely believe that they are able to improve the already popular restaurant and we highly suggest to make your reservation in time. Our Favorites 1. Duck breast 2. Wahoo carpaccio (special menu) 3. Frangelico Crème Brulee


It Rains Fishes

+599 717 8780

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM | 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Saturday 5.30 PM - 9.30 PM

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