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READY for Halloween

XpBonaire IslandLife Feature Story - A Collab by Anke Scissors, Da Drogist Bonaire & XpBonaire

We are excited to introduce our new beauty team to you. The team of Anke Scissors, who have worked in their profession for many years, will introduce, review and inform you about new trends in makeup, beauty and hair.

With this month’s event, Halloween, the island will be busy thinking how to dress up and we have worked out a hair and makeup look that you can use for this occasions.

You might recognize our island model, Elle Nobbe. The beautiful teen sat for hours to be transformed into this scary fairy. If you like the products used please check out the list below, available on the island at Da Druggist Bonaire and Anke Scissors.

Jacqlyn - Beauty Specialist Anke Scissors

As you know, the month of October is a month with fun activities. To make it an unforgettable time, we have been thinking what would be fun to do in terms of fashion, makeup and hair.

By means of Flair hair extensions that are available in all colors at Anke Scissors, we have been able to create a look that stands out but is also very soft. You can fix the extensions with clips so that you can easily take them out, but if you want it to stay a little longer, we can attach it to the hair for a longer period. You can also opt for the Blond Me Instant Blush spray. Really so easy to use because you spray it in the hair, let it dry and brush it through. This method stays for 3 to 4 washes. It is best used on blond hair because otherwise the color will not be visible. In the case of Elle, I used the strawberry blond, because it gives a nice and playful effect. They are available in strawberry blonde, steel blue and ice at Anke Scissors.

Scary Fairy - Makeup

The natural features of Elle are screaming for the innocent, translucent, perfect fairy look that underscores her beauty. Her dark side is even scarier in comparison. Most all of the products we used are by the new brand from Aruba called Bunita, available at the Da Druggist.


The eye shadow palettes are, in our opinion, easy to work with. The pigmentation is good and is not overly powdery.

The liquid lip is 100% waterproof, not recommended for really dry lips.

The lip gloss is nice and shiny with nice glitter effects. Texture is a little thicker.


Da Druggist Bonaire: makeup Bunita , Maybelline Hair Live color spray, Cameleo Neon Color Spray

Anke Scissors: Hair Flair hair extensions, Schwarzkopf Blond Me, Instant Blush

Hair: Anke Scissor’s - Jacqlyn

Makeup: XpBonaire IslandLife, Jacqlyn

Photography : XpBonaire IslandLife

Products : Da Drogist Bonaire , Anke Scissor’s

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