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Protected Species Caught by Venezuelan Fisherman

Press Release STINAPA

STINAPA was alerted to a situation where a fisherman was photographed by a tourist, dismembering a spotted eagle ray along the boulevard in Playa.

Unfortunately STINAPA was not called to the scene, but received an email with this information. The fisherman has returned to Venezuela.

STINAPA has been in conference with the local fisheries coop Piskabon to determine how to deal with this incident. Both organizations strongly condemn the actions of this fisherman; it is unacceptable to have any protected species harmed in any way in Bonaire’s marine protected area. This incident is reported to local authorities who will undertake further action. The owner of the fishing boat is from Bonaire and a meeting has been set up with him to inform him of the protected species and the regulations about bringing in these protected marine species.

Each and every time such incidents happen they will be reported to the authorities so that further action may be taken by police and Public Prosecutor.

Please call STINAPA on +599 786 8444 whenever you see such infractions so that STINAPA may arrive at the scene in time to take action.

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