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Protect Your Hair and Keep It Healthy!

BEAUTY TIPS By VIV's Beauty & XpBonaire Island Life

There are many products out there that protect your hair against UV radiation. Unfortunately, if you think this is enough to protect your hair, you are wrong. Yes, you are protecting your hair from the sun, but that doesn't mean that your hair is protected against chlorine and salt.

The solution is super simple and, in most cases, free. At most pools and beaches you can find yourself a shower or you can take a bottle of tap water along. Normally you use clear water to rinse AFTER you’ve been in the water. The trick is to take a shower BEFORE heading into the pool or sea! You may ask why? If your hair is wet, it closes the hair cuticles so it doesn’t absorb the chlorine and salt as much as it would normally do! Who would have thought that something as simple as rinsing your hair before heading in the water would be the solution to better protect your gorgeous hair?

Are you done swimming? Then rinse your hair once more and use a UV protective for your hair. And that’s it! Now you can go for a refreshing swim and yet your hair remains shiny and healthy!

If you are looking for a good sunscreen while also protecting our coral reefs, choose a non chemical sunscreen with micronized titanium dioxide or zinc oxide with an SPF of 50. These sunscreens can not only be used for your skin, but also for your hair. Choose the right product for your hair. When you have dry and full hair a lotion/emulsion might work for your hair, when it’s fine, the spray version might be better. At many dive and wind surf centers you will find a range of sun protection that is coral reef friendly, please ask the shop for assistance.

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