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Prosecutor and Governor Rijna; Dutch-representation-authorities violation of human rights and abuse

Press Release James Finies, Nos Kier Boneiru Bek

The abuse continues after the unlawful arrest on 6th September 2019 of James Finies, Human Rights Activist of Foundation We Want Bonaire Back. The police, the Dutch-representative-governor Rijna, the public-prosecutor and Dutch authorities abusing their powers in-proportionate and excessively is turning out to be a personal vendetta against James Finies and the NGO We Want Bonaire Back.

One week after being unlawfully arrested and released after 5 hours by acting prosecutor Mr Anthony who could not find, nor press charges had to release Mr James Finies. On September 19, 2019 the police-force-bailiff summoned Mr James Finies to appear before the public prosecutor in connection with the case as a suspect by the police warrant of intentionally failing to comply with an order and resisting arrest.

The police and dutch-representative-governor Rijna falsely reported immediately after the incident on 6th of September to the media that James Finies was detained because not following orders to go to the indicated place as this was a false statement and reporting contrary to their permit-letter issued by the same governor Rijna himself which they never divulged to the press. I James Finies and our NGO We Want Bonaire Back declares that we are being targeted, discriminated, profiled as non-grata, harassed, abused and were deprived from freedom with no given reason by law and international law protecting the United Nations human rights article 19 freedom of opinion and expression and article 11 freedom of peaceful assembly and association as this abusive police action was in-appropriate and in-proportionate and unlawful to address the issue concerned.

To illustrate that I and our NGO We Want Bonaire Back was personally targeted note that Friday, on September 20, 2019 a public-protest-demonstration was organized by a group of unhappy citizens in town of Rincon where they announced that they will do a public protest-demonstration and will not notify nor request no permit to protest to the authorities. This protest-demonstration was held on public place with a mayor attendance of about 70 protesters. The question is why the police present in plainclothes and uniformed and/or the dutch-representative-governor Rijna and Dutch-authorities did not intervene and stop this protest that did not follow the law as they did not notify nor request and did not get a permit to protest-demonstrate as was they claimed was the case with the abuse and unlawful arrest of James Finies of We Want Bonaire Back?

A complaint-report of violation of our human rights by the Dutch State were made to United Nations Human Rights Council and to the OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

We plead to the people of Bonaire to stand with us to condemn this unlawful and unjust act as it will deprive us and our future generations of exercising our fundamental human rights.

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