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Prices fruit and vegetables up

Press Release UNKOBON

The situation in neighboring Venezuela has unfavorable consequences for Bonaire. This has been established with the price comparator that consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB publish monthly in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The supply of affordable fresh fruit and vegetables is under pressure. Fruit and vegetables now have to be imported from other countries. At the time of the price surveys in March, only a few supermarkets were able to supply bananas and watermelons. Compared to February, the prices of fruit and vegetables in the basket rose by an average of 6.5%. The other 45 products in the basket of the price comparator on average remained the same in price.

The price comparison includes the cheapest brand per product that the observers find in a supermarket. If the cheap brand is sold out, it may be that temporarily only a more expensive brand of the product is available. In that case, that more expensive brand is included in the price comparison, until the cheaper brand is available again in the next round. Especially small supermarkets regularly struggle with this. It is therefore an achievement if small supermarkets are permanently able to score around or even below the average.

Per product an index is calculated and subsequently the index for the total basket of 60 products per supermarket. The index shows how a supermarket scores compared to the average (index = 100) of the 15 supermarkets. An index lower than 100 indicates that the total basket in that supermarket is cheaper than the average.

In the basket of a cheaper supermarket, products may be more expensive than the average. The price-conscious consumer therefore looks at the overall overview of prices on to see for his own shopping list in which supermarket he or she can buy the most cheaply.

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