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Price comparison November: average price drop supermarkets in 2019

Press Release Unkobon

It has already become clear that fresh fruit and vegetables became considerably more expensive in 2019. For the remaining 47 of the 60 products from the price comparator, the situation is different.

If we do not include the prices of fresh fruit and vegetables, the prices of the package of the other 47 products on average decreased slightly in 2019 at the 15 supermarkets that are included in the monthly price comparison. By November 2019, the average price of this package had fallen by half a percent compared to January 2019. Bonaire's cheapest supermarket did not follow this trend. In November, the price of the sub-package of 47 products at the Warehouse was 6% higher than in January. Hopefully this does not mean that this supermarket’s sharp pricing policy will be abandoned.

In January, the Warehouse index was 16.5% lower than that of number 2 Wing Cheung. The difference shrunk to 9% in November.

Many consumers have the impression that Van den Tweel is the most expensive supermarket in Bonaire. In the price comparison, however, this supermarket always scored around the average and has been well below that for two months now. In November, VdT is in fifth place.

The consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB are making Bonaire's consumers more price-conscious with the price comparator. In the project, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, RCN and Sage B.V. work together.

On consumers can see both the price comparator and the total overview with all prices and information per participating supermarket. The total overview is an extensive spreadsheet, on which all prices can be seen. It is also easy to see in which supermarkets the products from the basket are the cheapest.

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