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Price comparator May 2019

Press Release Unkobon

Since the start of the price comparator in August 2018, Warehouse Supermarket has undeniably been the cheapest supermarket in Bonaire. The shopping basket in Warehouse is constantly almost a quarter cheaper than the average of the 15 supermarkets listed in the price comparison. In May, Warehouse charged the lowest price for half of the 60 products in the basket.

Wing Cheung has been in second place for months and Karibe Nobo is back on three in May. Spectacular riser is Dragon City. This supermarket now also expanded its product range with cheaper (private) brands, giving consumers the opportunity to spend less money on their shopping basket. With this action, Dragon City rose from twelfth to sixth place in the ranking.

Prices in the most expensive supermarkets are slowly falling to the average. As a result, price differences on Bonaire are slowly but surely are narrowing.

On the website consumers can see both the price comparator and the total overview with all prices and information per participating supermarket. The total overview is an extensive spreadsheet, on which all prices are shown. It is also easy to see in which supermarkets the products from the basket are the cheapest.

The consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB want to use the price comparator to make Bonaire's consumers more price-conscious. In the project, the consumers organizations are working together with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, RCN and Sage B.V.

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