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Plastic Awareness workshop for schoolchildren on Bonaire

Boneiru Duradero and Limpi Recycling from Curacao are organizing plastic awareness workshops for school kids on October 17 and 18 2019.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem that concerns us all and it is important to educate our youth on Bonaire about it. The plastics problem has everything to do with mind set and behavior. So, the sooner kids learn about what they can do to help, the better.

Limpi is a recycling company that creates new products from plastic waste, founded by two young entrepreneurs. Debrah and Mitchell want to teach schoolchildren how to think outside the box and become innovators themselves.

The 45 minute workshop will consist of a short interactive presentation about ‘why plastics are a problem on Bonaire and what each of us can do to help solve the problem. During the creative part kids will learn how plastic can be re-used or recycled into a piece of art.

The workshops are sponsored by the World Wide Fund for Nature and offered to schools for free.

School teachers of group 7 and 8 can send an email to to sign up for the one of the six workshops that will be held on October 17 and 18 during school hours.

The reduction of plastic waste is vital to Bonaire, because our landfill has almost reached full capacity. Everyone on Bonaire can help to reduce plastic waste going to the landfill:

1. Stop using single use plastics, such as plastic bags, plastic straws, cutlery, cups and Styrofoam food boxes. Switch over to reusables!

2. Separate plastic waste and drop it of at Plasa Medio Ambiente

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