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Press Release Unkobon

In February, the price of gasoline on Curacao drops to $1.001 per liter. On Bonaire the price remains $1.33 per liter. This increases the price difference from 31 cents to 33 cents per liter.

On December 11, Unkobon asked the Executive Council to provide insight into the fundamentals / structure of fuel prices on Bonaire and to provide an explanation for the strongly increasing differences in fuel prices between Bonaire and Curaçao. Unkobon also asked, invoking the BES Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur BES), the price recommendations regarding the months May through December 2019 that Curoil sent to the Executive Council.

So far, Unkobon has received no substantive response from the BC. On January 23rd, there has been contact with the General Legal Affairs Department. No later than next week, Unkobon expects to receive the long awaited substantive response.

Incidentally, the government of Curaçao has no problem with publishing the fuel price structure.

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