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PEB and WWF-NL sign agreement to protect nature of Bonaire

Press Release OLB

The Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) and World Wildlife Fund Netherlands (WWF-NL) have made their intention to cooperate official by signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

Commissioner James Kroon signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Public Entity Bonaire. Following commissioner Kroon, CEO Kirsten Schuijt signed on behalf of World Wildlife Fund Netherlands. WWF-NL is committed to the protection of nature, in the Netherlands but also on the islands. In the past, the organization has already offered support on Bonaire in writing an action plan for a Sargassum incident, in raising awareness of the harmful effects of sunburn on the coral reefs and in raising awareness of the harmful effects of disposable plastics on the island. These are just examples of a pleasant cooperation and both parties are looking forward to continuing this on good terms, also with other topics.

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