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Ocean Oasis Beach Club

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

In May, 2019, Ocean Oasis, located on the EEG Boulevard, was first opened by its former owner, Jeroen van Stralen. The location, the design, interior and landscaping are impressive and are a perfect combination of the easy going, relaxed and luxury Caribbean life style.

In October, 2022, David Landman and Pascal Beeren officially became the new owners of the beautiful beach club. Ocean Oasis was never officially for sale, but passionate about his project, Jeroen was willing to sell it to the right people.

Pascal enjoyed Bonaire and frequently visited the island. He invited his lifelong friend, David, to advise him about a beach club he had set his eyes on. The two met while studying hospitality in The Hague and had remained best friends. Pascal, owner of a two-star restaurant, and David, co- owner of a big hospitality company that hosted their guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with associated night clubs had the vision and know how for such a big project.

Never did David expect to fall in love with a project so quickly, but when he saw the location, he was impressed. In his role as advisor to his friend, a professional in luxury foods, but with limited experience in running a commercial beach club, he said, “You need someone that you really trust to run the place.” On their return flight, the two continued to brain storm when David said, “Maybe we should do this together?”

The whole process took a year. Not only did they need to convince their life partners, but David had co-owners he was committed to for many years. After another visit which included their partners and later, another trip with a financial advisor, the two sealed the deal and David moved to the island in September, 2022, to take over in October, 2022.

David came to live on the island with his girlfriend, Romy Willemse. Romy grew up and lived in The Hague and was convinced that she would never leave The Hague. She loves her city and her job as a school teacher and had her friends and family nearby. She had a hard time wrapping her head around the idea of moving half way around the world when she was perfectly happy where she was. But as a couple going strong for over 12 years, she and David know each other well and found compromises to make it work for both of them.

Romy frequently returns to the Netherlands to see her loved ones and do the things she loves back there, but is surprised at how time flies on Bonaire and how comfortable she feels in her new life and work. To stay travel flexible, she decided to work at the beach club with David and steps in wherever needed, from serving guests to creating new menu layouts.


David started his hospitality career at age 14, placing beach chairs and washing dishes during school vacations and then moved to runner, restaurant service and barkeeping. During his successful hospitality studies, he met his future business partner, Pascal. Immediately after his studies, he dove right into the hospitability industry. After managing and saving up some money, David decided that he wanted to start his own business. The owners didn’t want to let him go and offered him co- ownership in their company. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and nightclub locations, David got to know the full spectrum of the hospitality industry and became the perfect partner to Pascal in their new endeavors at Ocean Oasis on Bonaire.

David and his Ocean Oasis team are working hard to create a strong and stable foundation in service and quality. Training his team is one of David’s priorities. Currently, a team of 70 are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The team of mixed nationalities is something David really enjoys. He is happy to provide work and the mix of different cultures makes everyone feel welcome.


One of the important people on his team is the Chef, Ayron Pieters. The Curacao born chef has worked in many different restaurants in Curacao and in the Netherlands. David reports, “Ayron is very ambitious and passionate about his work. He strives to improve quality and build a strong team. We have the same visions, one of the reasons why we work well together.”

With a love for Caribbean cuisine with its fresh fish and seafood, Ayron loves to turn these ingredients into a unique tasting food experience. With 16 years of kitchen experience, Ayron is working on a team of secure, creative cooks who don’t only come to work to earn a salary, but who are proud cooks with a passion for their profession.

You can see Ayron in action at the Sunday Fish and Meat Market on the beach. With live music, dancers and the freshest products prepared right in front of you, it is the ultimate laid back Caribbean Beach experience and Ocean Oasis the perfect location for a lazy Sunday.

Of course, David and Pascal have many ideas for the future, but the priority right now is to create the service standards they strive for and with continuous, stable food quality from Ayron and his team in the kitchen.


Open hours 7 Days a week

Kitchen : 9 am – 10 pm

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Every Sunday Fish & Meat Market

Every day live music

Instagram account: @oceanoasisbonaire

Facebook: Ocean Oasis Beach Club Bonaire

Phone: +599 701 4440

260 EEG Boulevard

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