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Melisa Sailing

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The Caribbean Sea with its colors ranging from a light, bright turquoise to the darkest marine blue is THE element you don’t want to miss while visiting Bonaire or taking a day off. The gentle waves and the breeze are calming, the water temperature is refreshing and comfortable and the underwater life is visible through the crystal-clear sea. The romanticized picture of the Caribbean always includes a wooden vessel with huge sails exploring new shores. While sitting on one of those beauties, you will begin to feel the desire to start your own adventure!

Midlife Crisis

This particular adventure starts when Ernst and Ike, who have been friends for 30 years, decided on a whim one day, perhaps a minor midlife crisis, to buy a sailing vessel.

Shopping all over Europe, they almost gave up when, at the very end of their search, they were offered a Turkish gullet schooner and fell in love with the one-of-a-kind beauty.

Ernst and Ike have both been on and off Bonaire for many years and share a love for the island and the Caribbean as a whole. When Melisa came into their lives, they knew that their new lady would be perfect for Bonaire. After shipping Melissa from Europe to the Caribbean and then a maiden voyage from St Croix to Bonaire, there were no secrets left between the three and Melisa finally arrived at her destination and new home, Bonaire.

Melisa Sailing

The Melisa, a grand 50-foot, wooden Turkish gullet schooner was built by master craftsmen. The two masts, three sails and spacious teak decks make her a magnificent beauty and the perfect vessel for short pleasure voyages on Bonaire. Since the end of 2019, Melisa sailing has been operational with day snorkel trips and exquisite on board prepared 6 course suppers.

Captain Ernst, first mate and right hand, Annemiek, and the entire crew welcome you aboard to enjoy the island and the calming and relaxing ocean. The teak decks, decorated with Persian tapestry and comfortable cushions, create a unique and beautiful setting that you will add to your best memories.

The chef aboard often catches his own lobster or fish, fresh that day, and will prepare it for you combined with local, regional products and international bests.


Melisa Sailing offers different trips and, of course, you can discuss custom trips with the Captain. For our residents there are reduced rates available.

Sail & Snorkel

During a sail and snorkel trip, you will sail to one of the best snorkel spots available. You will be able to enjoy and watch the underwater life with an experienced guide and snorkel gear is available on board.

Freshly prepared tapa style food will be served on board while taking your snorkel break.

Sail & Snorkel

Sunday & Tuesdays

11 am – 3 pm

$75 adults and $35 children under the age of 12 ($55 residents with sedula)

Supper at Sea

The most popular and most relaxing trip is supper at sea. Starting in the afternoon, you will sail into the island’s sunset while enjoying cold drinks and the 6-course onboard prepared food. While you lay in the cushions on the Persian tapestry enjoying yourself and your company, you can overlook the island and the many locations and houses you know or recognize.

Thursday – Sunday Supper at Sea

5:30 pm – 9 pm

$70 ($55, residents with sedula)

6 course dinner excluding drinks


Melisa is docked at Harbour Village Marina.

Phone/WhatsApp +599 7007070


Facebook: Melisa Sailing

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