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Junny Josephina – Krusada Vibes

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Junny Josephina celebrates his 5th anniversary as Director of Fundashon Krusada this August, 2022. The position of director was transferred to Junny in August, 2017, by the then General Manager, Eric de Jong.

Junny Josephina, born in Curaçao, had a happy childhood and studied ICT, but his life underwent a big change when he got married and became a member of a church. The projects within the church which helped people in need, especially the youth-related projects, gave a very different meaning to Junny's life.

Work in Romania and on the borders of Russia, Moldova and Ukraine greatly enriched his and his family’s life and gave them 6 years of experience in a totally foreign country and a different culture. Junny's work included working with gypsies, the homeless, addicts and setting up a thrift store that provided work for those without any income.

As the project came to an end, Junny heard about an opportunity at Krusada on Bonaire. After a conversation with the former director on Bonaire, his decision was quickly made and he moved to the island.

With great enthusiasm, Junny started his work in the new rehabilitation project at Krusada and after only a year, he was asked to take over the position of team leader. When the director position became vacant, he submitted his resume and was selected and started as the new and current Director of Krusada in August, 2017.

Working at Krusada is a daily challenge. That is not surprising because, after all, it is about people, their fate and well-being. Junny explains what gives him the strength and inspiration on a daily basis. “You see the change in our participants and how happy they become when they can get out of a certain situation or when they achieve a certain goal. Krusada is the place they can call home, where they feel accepted and get the help with the necessary understanding.”


The healthy growth of Bonaire also includes taking care of those who have difficulty adapting to change - people who find themselves in difficult situations or who come into contact with the law. Krusada pays attention to these groups in our society and contributes to the healthy development of the island.

This year, for the first time, Krusada is producing its own magazine - Krusada Vibes.

Director Junny Josephina wants Krusada to “live” even more in our society. “We want to bring more stability to our community through the services Fundashon Krusada provides. We want to be 'used' more, so we have decided to be more present through our own magazine so that people can learn more about Krusada, about our services and exactly what we do. Krusada has long ceased to be a religious institution and has become an important institution on the island.”

Director Junny explains: “We want to present Krusada in a new light, establish our right and be more present in our community. We want to show what we stand for and what we do for our customers and fellow islanders. We also want to continue to expand where necessary and where there is demand.”

Fundashon Krusada

What started in September, 1999, as a rehabilitation center for men who wanted to recover from their addiction, has now grown, in 2022, into a beacon of peace, safety and help for many in our society.

Krusada was started in 1999 as an addiction center by the Dutch Christian organization, “De Hoop”, in collaboration with churches and the government.

Much has changed in 23 years; the addiction center is now an important and necessary institution in our community.

Since 2016, Fundashon Krusada has been helping ex-prisoners in the process of reintegration into society. This also applies to victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities or with a mild intellectual disability, the homeless and young people who find it difficult to integrate into society. For these people, Fundashon Krusada is a place of safety and recovery.

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