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Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty

Xp Bonaire IslandLife Feature Story

Living on a Caribbean Island is a dream come true, but like everything in life, it also has its downsides. One of them is how our hair and skin suffers under the constant influence of extreme sunlight, salt, dust and heat. We are happy to announce a new addition to the hair care sector on the island. The well-known and proud new owner, Jacqlyn, better known as “Jacky”, will be opening a new salon in September, Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty.

Finding a person you can trust and be confidant in your personal hair care is important and the connection will last most likely for a long time. Not only does your hair change your looks, but it can also make you feel better about yourself and letting someone take care of you is a good moment of relaxation.


Jacqlyn’s passion started when she was only 13 years old. While in secondary education in the Netherlands, she chose a practical course, haircare and beauty. From the first moment she was able to be around hair, she felt happy and excited. Later she chose an internship at a hairdresser in Amsterdam. “Cosmo hairstyling in Amsterdam is the place where I was born!” a laughing Jacky explains. It was here where she was first taught the techniques in transforming people, hair and people’s moods.

Anyone who knows Jacky knows that nothing has changed over the years. The moment she starts her work, she focuses on a great result and will take her time getting there. You only need to look at her facial expression to know that the end result will be great and it will convince you that Jacky loves her job.

Jacky came to Bonaire in 2010, and many know her from the time she worked at Anke Scissors. Now in 2021, she can finally call herself the proud owner of her own hair & beauty salon and a dream that is coming true.

Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty

Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty will share a home with Massage Bonaire & Beauty, Marjolein, in Republiek. Having everything in the same location might be really handy for a “spa day” including massage, facial, hair, lash brow, makeup…anything you need. The two owners started talking about possibilities in May of this year and both are happy with the business starting next month in September.

What to expect

Hairstyling for men, women and children; color specialist; make-up artist; wedding hair; beauty; massages; eyebrow coloring and shaping; Keratin eyelash lift; lash extensions and hair extensions are the overall services that Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty will offer.


Important to Jacky is the health and the natural beauty of your hair. Therefore, she uses hair treatment products that will care for your hair first before anything else. Watching trends in hair care, techniques, color, style and being up to date is important to Jacky who knows to apply these to you and your personal needs.

“My job brings me happiness every day, I love it. Even when you have a bad day, the focus on another person and the happy smiles makes everything better. Creating a complete look and making a person feel safe and understood is what makes it worth it. Only explaining why I love my job gives me goosebumps!” she answers.

Eyebrows & Lashes

Surrounded by water and extreme temperatures makes it difficult to keep on good makeup or a natural look. Eyebrow coloring and shaping, eyelash lift and extensions can be alternatives to keeping up a fresh and good look without the everyday hassle.


This once in a lifetime, special day asks for a beautiful look from your hair color and style to your wedding makeup so you can shine on your day. You can arrange the whole package with Jacky.


For any special occasion or just because you can , Jacky will bring out the best in you with new makeup trends applied and creating a flawless skin.


A wellness massage to relax a stiff neck or a painful shoulder, as well as a facial to take away the stress and unwind are all part of the services.

Below you will find the info to book your appointment or contact Jacky, just remember:

Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty will start in September!


Jacqlyn Hair & Beauty

Kaya Heru 45, Republiek

+599 782 1777

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